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  1. Excellent. Thanks for your replies guys
  2. Nice mirors - will they pass the SVA? Where did you get the black windscreen supports?
  3. robinj66

    Vin Plate

    You don't need to applyfor a chassis number - make up your own. You're more likely to remember it that way and you can personalise it. you need 17 figures - usually a mixture of letters & numbers. Try, Eg, including your date of purchase, your birthday or some other significant date together with part of your name, initials etc
  4. robinj66

    New Owner

    Hi all Just received my (second-hand) part built S7. It's mostly stainless steel (which i understand was an option?) . As best I can tell it's a Series 1 Sierra based car. Would post pictures but I haven't mastered the knack -any pointers? (in idiot-proof language please) I've removed the CVH engine and gearbox and have to decide whether to put in a 2.0 Pinto or a 2.8 V6. First though I want to take the front sub-frame etc off and tart it up a bit. I also want to replace most of the fastenings (cut off bolts with no nylocks or spring washers and no threads poking through - SVA fail surely? Any tips as to problem areas? Are there any others out there still building this model? No doubt I'll be posting lots of questions which will be basic to most, so please bear with me
  5. robinj66

    Rover V8

    Your best bet is to get hold of "Tuning Rover V8 Engines" by david Hardcastle. Lots of good advice in there. Add to it the forums on www.v-8.org.uk and you'll have plenty to think about
  6. Thanks for that. Duly noted. At the very least we share a taste in music
  7. Just a word of warning here - CHECK YOUR V5C in the "Special Notes" section. It lists your emission levels and it will be these figures taken into account at any MOT (assuming your car has anon Q plate and has been SVA'd) The figures on mine were wrong and I'm having a hell of a job to get anyone to change them. The DVLA went all round the moon before deciding they have no powers and I'm now referred to VOSA. The worry is that if it's not sorted I will have to fit a cat to get a 1985 carburetted engine through an MOT
  8. There's no actual change to the legal requirements - at present if your car is parked on the road (or place to which the public have access) then it needs to be insured even if it's never driven. The changes are really that they are trying to integrate the various computer databases so that, Eg Plod can check the insurance datbase when they see/pull a vehicle. Good idea I suppose but of course no one has ever heard of any databases being out of date or just plain wrong!
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