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    Wot he said Have alook on You tube - do a search for "lapping valves" and there are plenty of demonstrations for the lapping-in process and also testing for leaks. In my (distinctly amateur) experience you can tell when a valve seat needs replacing or reecutting as there is obvious damage or pitting in the contact surface.
  2. I have heard good things about the Graphogen stuff. However before I was aware of it (and as a complete amateur) I used a mixture of oil and the STP Oil Treatment stuff from Halfords etc. It's like syrup and sticks to all the bearings etc. For the cam I used cam lube (Comp Cams) from V8 Tuner
  3. I just used the Sierra master cylinder without the servo - standard Sierra pedals, front & rear brakes and pads
  4. Your servo sounds similar to the Cortina one in my Cobra. The pushrod doesn't detach. Shame
  5. Why do you need to change the pedals? Just strengthen up the pefdal box and use the existing setup. Or If you want to change the fitting at the pedal end, you can cut the shaft and thread it - then use a female-female threaded connector and use whatever end at the pedal you wish Or change the servo/master cylinder
  6. If I was you John I would pop in to DVLA with all your paperwork and start the process - you can then book the build up "inspection" for the day of your IVA. Your next problem will be parking on the day - double yellows outside the office and a pay car park over the road which is tight for space. Good Luck
  7. It's the fancy name for the DVLA local office (until they are shut) to check that the VIN and engine numbers on the car are the same as onthe paperework. At Maidstone this seems to consist of a member of staff standing by the car with a brolly whilst you get wet and read the numbers out !!!! To be fair, Maidstone do then go on and complete the paperwork dealing with the registration of the vehicle
  8. I think that the 2.9 V6 used the MT75 fearbox (as opposed to the Type 9 on the 2.8/2.3) which I believe has a wider bellhousing which might cause some alteration to the transmission tunnel. I also think that the dual cam 2.9 engines are wider than the 2.8 etc. Not sure if they will fit in the S7 if you can get around these issues then do it - great fun [bTW I have the 2.8 in mine ]
  9. Plastic metal should do it (if you really can't get the sump off. A large piece of cats-eye put three holes in the sump of my V6 sump when i first had the Cobra on the road. (didn't find out until Igot to the show and the remains of the oil poured out over the grass) and I needed a quick fix so got some of this stuff from a nearby store - well impressed and it lasted until I changed the engine ( a couple of years later). Just make sure the surface is clean and relatively oil free before you apply it
  10. excellent news Now come round and sort mine out
  11. Not necessarily the cheapest but these guys supply them https://www.europaspares.com/
  12. Then you have a Sierra based S7 - monococoque design - mine ended up with a V6
  13. Whilst the S3 & S3a had inboard front shocks, so did the S7. S7 used various donors, depending on which variant was in vogue - Triumph Dolomite, Ford Cortina and Ford Sierra (both with & without the subframe). Easiest way is to post up a pic
  14. What's the bolt pattern for Zetec mounts? Think I've got a pair of arms for V6 Cologne if they would fit.
  15. Are you in a hurry for them Tom? I know there are some at a mate's house round the corner But I need to gain access to them. They will need a bit of a clean up. They came from a 2.0 Estate (1987). Also got the calipers etc for the front and the whole rear end inc diff and driveshafts Let me know Robin
  16. Do you have any pictures of the ends and what length does it need to be. I have uncovered a couple of throttle cables in the garage
  17. Sorry Al - was possibly a bit too "relaxed" when i typed that I meant a rad fan - blows a nice gale . You've got my number so give me a bell. In fact i have a number of spare rads as well if you want one.
  18. Al I think I have a spare rad from a 1.8 Ford diesel van . I use this type on my S7 (2. and my Cobra. Let me know if you need it
  19. From the front, number 1 plug is front left. The left hand bank is 1 ; 2 ; 3 & the right is 4 (front right); 5 ; 6. Firing order is 1-4-2-5-3-6 Ignition timing is 9 degrees BTDC for carbs and 12 degrees BTDC for injection. There were 2 types of distributor with electronic (breakerless) ignition systems - Motorcraft (blue cap as standard) and Bosch (red cap as standard). I'm not too good on distributor wiring as i use a an old one (with contact breakers) from an earlier 2.3.
  20. From reading your first post, do you still have the choke fitted? It probably needs to be wired fully open. Lots of useful info here http://how-to-build-a-pilgrim-sumo.wikidot.com/fueling-system re mods for these carbs. (I know the guy and he does know what he's talking about)
  21. Vented or solid discs? Sure I have a set of almost new vented discs - not sure if I have any solids ETA Will have a look to see if I have a speedo cable as well
  22. If the original cable had a threaded outer at the gearbox end and two adjuster nuts then it could have been from a MK 2 Escort. Similar fixings were found on Cortina 4/5 ; Granada 2 and (I think) Capri 2. They were of differing lengths so you'll need to do your own research there.
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