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  1. It's an idler pulley that came with a 4.0 RV8 (serp engine) which unfortunately had already been dismantled so i don't know exactly where it fitted. I'll try and dig it out and get you better photos and measurements but but probably won't be until the weekend
  2. It's abit dificult to tell from those pictures but it looks very much like my Sierra based S7. A CVH engine and gearbox (Type 9) would certainly fit (as would a Pinto etc.) You shouldn't need to do any mods to the transmission tunnel but if you want to alter it in a minor way, you can. Can't see why you would have to alter the CVH sump but it will depend on where your front anti-roll bar fits in relation to the engine. The 4 speed gearbox (offered by Daz) is shorter than the 5 speed (assuming they are both Type 9's) - your monocoque chassis would originally have had cut-outs for mounting either but they may have gone, depending on what the previous owner did.
  3. robinj66

    She Passed!

    Nice one Al - look forward to seeing you out & about PS Good luck to Angus (Sadjagboy)
  4. I used (weakened) gas rams - possibly a little OTT but they were lying around in the garage Will try and add a picture later
  5. robinj66


    GOOD LUCK AL Sure you won't need it
  6. Is this of any use http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FIESTA-ESCORT-MONDEO-1-6-1-8-2-0-ZETEC-SUMP-GASKET-/120751631278?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item1c1d5babae
  7. Mine went on the way back from the SVA It was the forward UJ on mine. Got a new one and put it all back together and it seems fine now
  8. Well in that case you need to get lots more miles under your belt
  9. Dan That might be the cause of your problem as the rubbers provide some flexibility but not too much. Have you used washers to space the remote away from the main casing ? What oil are you using ?
  10. Change the rubber washers that secure the remote to the box. Will make a vast improvement
  11. It's an LT77 gearbox (later replaced by the R380 which is vsually similar).
  12. Going back to the original issue...... You need to have at least two "major components" from the V627/1 form http://www.direct.gov.uk/prod_consum_dg/groups/dg_digitalassets/@dg/@en/@motor/documents/digitalasset/dg_065268.pdf to obtain an age related plate. One way of proving provenance of your components is the V5 from the donor but another way could be the receipt for the donor vehicle that you undoubtedly have in your possession
  13. Sorry to hear of your troubles. Wishing you a swift recovery
  14. Have alook here Seat Cuprs Forums. May point you in the right direction
  15. Not sure if it's of any help but on my first Leon (2000 plate) i had about 3 slave cylinders before the clutch was quite right. Apparantly they were plastic! Not sure if your Ibiza would still have this problem as it looks to be much later
  16. HAGERTY I pay just over £300 for the S7 and the Cobra (both with agreed values)
  17. This is the cycle wing mount I have fitted. It is a piece of bar fitted to a mount that goes over the whole mushroom. Then pipes with a bend go over each are to support the wing. It all needs welding onto the mushrooom before it will stay put
  18. What suspension do you have on the front? IF sierra, then I bought mine from GBS. Once they are properly welded around the mushroom they are great
  19. He means this type of thingy here I think they sell ones withthe spigot in different places which changes the sweep of the wipers.
  20. robinj66

    Nearly There

    Looks good Angus - well done Does the horn switch need the "standard" symbol on it ?
  21. robinj66

    Iva Insurance?

    Good luck with the IVA, Joe
  22. Not much help to the OP but I'm sure my diff plug was a star shaped hole and not a hex allen key. I used the ones which attach to a 1/2" socket wrench (together with some heat) and it worked.
  23. As others have said, it pays to shop around. Have alook at these (in no paricular order).... Pegasus Parts V8 Tuner DJE JRV8 Real Steel Gaskets for Classics Ebay can also be a good source for certain bits
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