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  1. Post up a pic of your old m/c
  2. It is all a bit of a mish-mash - basically the DVLA staff around the country make up their own interpretation of the law/regs and the impose it upon the public. At least an MOT is not the end of the world and should give you peace of mind - it might highlight any problems after the =car has been laid up. FYI - the offence of having no MOT is not endorsable - this means you can't get penalty points, just a fine
  3. I would suggest that you speak to GBS about 1) & 3) 2) That figure or slightly less will be OK - you just have to ensure that your speedo has the capacity to read up to that speed and that your tyres are speed rated for the "max" speed. Ref pics etc :- have alook at the V627/1 form - it lists the major components. You will need photos of them at least for both VOSA & DVLA (after you pass IVA). From memory i don't think you need receipts for VOSA but only for the registration at DVLA - someone will correct me if I'm wrong.
  4. robinj66

    Ratchet And Pawl

    Hope this helps ....
  5. robinj66

    Engine Mounts

    Are these any good? [NTDWM] Or can you use this type these ? [stiffer than the Ford equivalent]
  6. I have a V6 (2.8 Cologne) engine in my S7 and it's quick. The only query I would have is why the gearbox is 4 speed - is it an automatic 'box? The standard manual gearbox on the 2.9 would be a MT75 which should be 5 speed
  7. robinj66


    Shame about the turnout overall but it was good to meet up with Al & Lana, Steve and GDC. Love the new Zero Dad, especially the rear diffuser Hope to meet a few more people today
  8. robinj66


    You will need a new VIN number (not the one from the donor). 17 digits - check the IVA regs as it needs to be stamped into the chassis and onto a VIN plate. Some DVLA offices are happy for you to make up your own, others insist on issuing one. You will also have to prove this is an amateur built car so take as many photos of the build as you can. Do you have the paperwork showing the original sale and receipts etc to you?
  9. Looks to be in pretty good shape. Have some fun and rebuild PS Where's the battery situated?
  10. robinj66

    Fuel Tank

    I think the regs go further than that and require certification that the material used is fuel resisitant up to the specified regs
  11. I think the trick to bonding on the cycle wings is to lay a bead of sealant or two on the bracket and then let it cure. Rough up the inside of the wing with a bit of sandpaper and then lay a further bead of sealant and attach the wing. Keep it clamped for as long as possible. My wings are fixed so well they stayed attached to the brackets even when the welds broke
  12. The emissons levels will be whatever was applicable at the date of the SVA and should be printed on your V5C in section 3 "Special Notes" (which would have been taken from a code on the MAC). I know this because my SVA tester put the wrong code on the MAC and it took a lot of bother to get DVLA to change the emission figures on my logbook. [For what it's worth, I would recommend that you take your V5C to the MOT as some local testers (East Kent) don't seem to understand the regs and apply the wrong levels]
  13. There should be a circlip & washer keeping the pistons in the bores.
  14. These are the cycle wing brackets I used on my sierra S7. I got them from GBS. The central bit fits over the mushroom (it needs welding all the way round and underneath otherwise it snaps and needs to be rewelded at a most inconvenient moment - ask me how I know ) and the two bits or tubing bent at 90 degrees fit over the bar attached to the central bracket. I used sikaflex type stuff to gues on my cycle wings to the brackets and that works fine.
  15. You can get them done at most key cutters BUT the sting is the price (because of the chip)
  16. You make up a rod ofsimilar dimensions to the one that it attached to the servo and then use the same connectors to attach it to the pedal. it just sits in the master cylinder Like this
  17. I got mine from GBS
  18. See the section for Calibrating the EP
  19. That's sounds great news Sandy ... But Wait! How can you fill in the engine number on your IVA application if the DVLA will only issue one after the IVA? I would agree an engine number with GBS - stamp that into the engine and make sure it appears on your paperwork.
  20. robinj66

    For Sale

    Thanks for the offer Zed but I was really after a spare for my Pilgrim Sumo which unfortunately does need to be a 2.3 D rad.
  21. THIS is the form you will need to fill in. As long as you have two "major components" from the donor you will get an age related plate
  22. robinj66

    For Sale

    Don't suppose you have the radiator do you?
  23. robinj66

    Mot Emissions

    There must be something going round with MOT testers - a garage tried to tell me my cobra had to meet 2005 emissions even though the V5 says different. Been MOT'd every year since 2005!!! If your V5 doesn't have the emissions on it (see section 3 "special notes" then do you have a copy of the MAC - there is a code on there which confirms the emissions. I know this because my tester got it wrong
  24. I've always used a blunt scraper to get the worst off the piston crowns etc and then a wire brush attachment in a drill. Just be careful not to difg into the surfaces. As you suggested, put the valves in a pillar drill. A mate of mine then uses a screwdriver or other suitable iomplement to clear the carbon from the rear of the valves. Again as you suggested, finish off with emery cloth/ wet 'n' dry
  25. I bought a cheap exhaust end from a show and cut it about. I then welded it into the end of the standard GBS exhaust pipe and it satisfied the Man from the Ministry Once my appalling welding [not shown ] was "tidied" it didn't look too shabby
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