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  1. robinj66

    Iva Test Today

    Excellent result Joel - and a nice looking car
  2. If the bobbies on the bikes haven't assisted you any further than in your post then you need to gom to the police station and ensure that your case is reported and that you are given a crime reference number. Thereis so much cctv about these days that they can trace the car
  3. I did away with the servo on my Sierra S7 (V6) and it's fine with standard brakes.
  4. Just to clarify the position (from one of those that does make money when the law is broken ) see here - the law has recently changed and you do need to insure a vehicle, even if it's kept on private land, if it has not been SORN'd PS I won't charge you for this consultation
  5. You think you got it bad - what about us poor chaps with our heavy heavy monocoque S7's
  6. The 205 block was reportedly a better (thicker) casting which made for a much stronger short engine. This block was used to attach Cosworth etc. heads
  7. If you send me a pm with an email address i will send you a couple of photos. Can't upload them because i haven't got round to renewing membership yet
  8. What type of radiator do you have fitted? Some have a threaded hole for a thermo-fan switch.
  9. Des Hammill does a good book on how to build & power tune Weber and Dellorto carbs (See Eg, here) and there's plenty of info around on google etc linky
  10. Have a search on Ebay for mirrors in motorcyle parts - there are loads similar for much less, especially if you don't mind used.
  11. I'm pretty sure it's the connector at the back of the ignition switch which has the spring action
  12. robinj66

    Oil Change

    I'm pretty sure that Halfords used to offer that service but it was quite a few years ago - they had serving departments attached to their shops offering anything from a service to an oil change. I would guess it wasn't economically viable as it doesn't seem to exist any more
  13. It will vary depending on the amount of pipes etc, what they are made from and (more importantly) what condition they are in ( do they need de-rudting etc) but a 4 pot set of headers would be a couple of hundredd pounds. Best to contact Cam coat and have a chat with them. I've seen the results from some of my Cobra mates and I want to get my headers done when I have the dosh
  14. robinj66


    There are no specific layouts for the IVA. You just need to ensure that all bezels and switches etc have the correct radius and that switches are labelled. The only other thing is that they need to be visible to the driver when seated in the car. Otherwise it's your preference.
  15. Peter - you need to go back to Argos and tell them to honour their offer. Just had a look online and all it says id you have to trade in an analogue radio and buy a DAB for less than £80. There is no mention of any size of radio to be traded.
  16. Will the starter from a 1.8TD Escort fit? If so I have one.
  17. Take the stalks off the column - the numbers will be on them somewhere. IIRC the 83 stalks had the horn push on a stalk whereas the later ones don't. However there are a number of variants as far as the pins go - best to look at the actual pins once the stalks are off the car.
  18. Al - don't do anything hasty. I'm sure we can descend on you and eat all your bacon butties (again!) Try and sort out lists of what needs to be done - sometimes it helps to get your head clear as to which jobs remain rather than see an apparantly huge project with loads to do. If it helps, give me a bell to discuss. If you really want someone local(ish) to complete your car then you could try 7-Indulgence near Brands Hatch but don't rush into anything just yet.
  19. I might be wrong but it's possible that the fan cutting in is sapping some of your engine power causing it to rev slower (I'm reading your post and assuming that this is seen when stationary)- if your oil pressure was a bit low to begin with (Eg, because of worn bearings or pump) then the oil light comes on. When you rev it, you say the pressure comes back up which tends to support this theory. If so then it's a new oil pump and/or bottom end rebuild as per Longboarder's post
  20. With both rear wheels off the ground - spin one wheel. An LSD will turn both wheels the same way. An open diff will turn them in opposite directions
  21. No - the emission levels are entered on to the V5 by DVLA at registration using info on the IVA Certificate (MAC as was). This is the info used at MOT time. At least that's how it's supposed to be. Alternatively, refer to M Mouse above
  22. If you fancy spending alittle bit of money, you can get adjustable pressure stainless steel units from RS Components
  23. robinj66

    Steering Rack

    I'm pretty certain it would be a Sierra rack on a 2b. The Escort (Mk 2) rack is used on other 7 type cars but the mounts are different and I think the rack is slightly shorter.
  24. robinj66

    I Need Help

    You will need to take lots of photos of your rebuild to convince VOSA that it is an amateur built car at IVA. To avoid a Q plate at the registration part of the process (DVLA) you will need to prove the source of your donor components. I would obtain the V5 for the donor Sierra - that will help to establish the spurce of your suspension etc and should allow you to check the engine number (to ensure the engine came from the donor). Good luck with the build
  25. Can you post a pic of your old radiator and then we can see what we've got that might be of use. I know I've got a couple of Escort diesel rads, an XR4i & a Granada V6 rad in the shed.
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