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  1. Yes,but there are few pictures.I vaguely understand what I'm doing,but a picture says a lot more.Also the manual is absolutely awful!
  2. Dear all, Does anyone have any pictures,preferably in detail,of the fitting of the rear axle from a Sierra onto a Mark 2 S7?I am pretty much building this car blind and so not that sure where everything goes.I have had a look at the series 3 videos which helped,but there are a few different bits.I really want info on the swing arm securings.Any enlightenment would be great!
  3. Dear all, I am building a S7 at the moment,Mark 1 and have videos for a Series 3 that someone kindly sent me.However,although the majority of it is similar,there are a few differences in the construction and I was just wondering whether anyone had any spare videos for the S7 build or could copy them for me?Any help with this would be great as I am pretty much building the S7 blind!
  4. I am going to buy as I build.I am purchasing the running gear in the next week so that I can assemble it over the Xmas holidays,or at least try.... The cross member is being worked on at the mo as it was hit at the side,so is being undented/sorted out etc. I now have a pretty good idea of what I am dealing with from pics and help,so thank you all....I will keep you posted!
  5. Thanks you very much-budget though.I think the idea however is to focus on the problem at hand-the subframe-rather than the trainers...though some would say the trainers are far more of a problem.
  6. I'm afraid there are two reasons why I haven't come yet: 1)I am Eton College as a full time boarder,so come homeevery three weeks for a weekend and holidays;tackling my A levels at the mo! 2)I can't drive yet-I have my test on the 16th December,so can't get to the meetings yet! Cannot upload pics,there is something wrong.I will send them to you though if you think you can help me
  7. It's definately the Mark 2 S7,don't know if this is the Cortina subframe or not?!Please could I get a copy of the pdf manuals aswell.It would be a great help.Send me a pm if any probs....
  8. Hi guys, I bought an S7 about a month or two ago after it had been dismantled,yet the instructions are in parts and so I'm pretty much building it blind!At the moment I want to make it a rolling chassis,and was just wondering about the suspension.It has internal shocks with Robin Hood upper wishbone arms,and uses the Cortina subframe; it has McPherson struts for the front.I was just wondering whether it uses the Sierra trailing arms and which other components for the suspension.Any help would be great.....it's a Mark 2 S7 Many thanks!
  9. Harry B

    Help Over Xmas

    Anyone?!!!Any help or advice on where to go would be great
  10. Harry B

    Help Over Xmas

    Dear all, Basically,I’m looking for a hand with my Robin Hood S7 that I’m building from the Xmas hols onwards.I aim to make it a rolling chassis by the end of the holidays (January 10th) and would love a hand from someone near Newmarket to help me put the running gear on the car-I am fairly inexperienced with cars,and so would love a bit of help if anyone was up for it.Looking for about three or four days of help…I’m willing to pay a fair amount for the work,but would be great if they enjoyed doing it rather than see it as a chore!Any offers would be great,as then I can fix a suitable date.
  11. Harry B


    I am building a Robin Hood S7 Mark 2 that I bought off some one intending to do it up again.I need serious help as the front lower wishbones are not on the Cortina subframe supplied,so I cannot attach the stub axles!I spoke to Robin Hood this morning,who said that because of their new takeover they do not know about old models of Robin Hoods-basically they cannot supply new wishbones!Does anyone know someone who either a)has this car or b)is able to weld some wishbones to fit my car for a fair sum?Any help would be great to get this bloody car moving!
  12. Many thanks for the help....
  13. Thanks for the very kind offer,but would like to get it all in one rather than bit by bit.Have filled in profile so any help or info would be great
  14. Is it possible to go to a scrap yard and ask for some of the specific parts from a Sierra that they can remove for you if you pay them a reasonable price?Only need the running gear at the mo....
  15. I'm looking for Sierra front uprights with disc brakes included in good nick,but not too expensive,and a rear Sierra axle with brakes and all the bits to make the car(a Robin Hood S7)into a rolling chassis.Any offers considered,or help about where to look/buy would be great.Many thanks in advance....
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