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  1. 2BBoulton

    Ntl Broadband Upgrade

    They rang me up to let me know
  2. 2BBoulton

    Big No From Edinburgh

    With all things ask where the money is. The government (and people in general) will only do things if it profits them. My theory is as follows:- The Earth used to be covered in ice and this was called an ice age, it then warmed up and the ice melted. At this point there were no cars on the roads, no factories, in fact no people. But still the ice melted. Once it was warm man thought it would be good to evolve a bit and the Earth carried getting on warmer. After a couple of thousand years evolving they invented pollutants and still the Earth got warmer. While the Earth was getting warmer politicians and business men (and women) evolved. They looked around and pondered how they could make themselves richer so they asked scientists. The scientists were now developing new technologies that no one would buy as the existing technology was working fine. At this point they realised that the Earth was still getting warmer but now they had found a way of selling the new technology. They blamed cars, industry, governments etc for the pollution. The governments then taxed those less likely to complain (thus making lots of money for old rope) and the scientists got lots of money to develop new technology. While all this was going on the Earth still got warmer. I think I have found the money.............. Bruce Boulton 25/02/05
  3. 2BBoulton


    I think it all depends on if it has a reverse gear. Robins can be driven on a bike licences if the reverse gear is prevented from being engaged (correct as of about 20 years ago). Not sure if a trike without reverse can be driven on a car licence....
  4. 2BBoulton

    What Do You Do?

    I recently tried to change my career as I sensed my redundancy coming and decided to try and get into the police. Its something I had always wanted to do but had never bitten the bullit. I managed to pass the selection proccess but unfortunatly so did the rest of the applicants :boohoo: only with a higher score and I am now on the Wiltshire waiting list :angry: and will have to re-apply in 12 months time but I plan to get a higher pass mark then
  5. 2BBoulton

    What Do You Do?

    Before being made redundant :gdit: :boohoo: just before Christmas I used to be a Production/Process/project Engineer and continuous improvement facilitator (improving processes, reducing waste etc, probably similar to the service bear offers) good fun but usually the first to be laid off when the money runs out. They money can be good but most people won't have a clue what you do, say mechanical engineer and they think you fix cars for a living. I would definatly go down the soliciter route, I have a couple of friends who are soliciters and they get paid she loads and enjoy their work. Bruce, PS If anyone knows of Engineering jobs within 40 miles of Swindon please let me know, I could do with as many leads as possible........
  6. 2BBoulton

    Speed Cameras

    not 'cash cows' then?
  7. 2BBoulton

    Speed Cameras

    Back to the start of the the thread, you can get forward facing speed cameras that will take a picture of the front of the car. These can be identified by the large red circle in the middle of the camera and two lines on the road positioned very close to each other.
  8. 2BBoulton

    Get Out Of My Car

    Very good!!
  9. 2BBoulton

    Optical Illusion

    so what you been doing under the 'vet then?
  10. 2BBoulton

    Auzzie E-bay

    It would have to be pre 73 to be tax free.
  11. 2BBoulton

    Hope For My Wife Yet

    Thats from a TV programme that was on recently. Most of the women could have ended up looking like that with a bit of healthy exercise rather then a month of pain.
  12. 2BBoulton


    I think a fiat 500 could only be stopped for not having enough people in it!!
  13. 2BBoulton

    Auto Jumble

    The Double LL Club are holding an autojumble at: The Grange Centre, Midhurst West Sussex Open from 10.00 to 16.00
  14. 2BBoulton

    Sat Nav

    HAd a look at the site again and the prices for smartphone navigation are as follows. Smartphone, software and bluetooth GPS reciever £400 ish (very good phones) Software and bluetooth GPS reciever £220 Software £135 Europe upgrade £85 ish The software includes fixed safety camera locations. They also sell a range of PDA systems and stand alone systems as well as accesories. There is a forum that is worth checking out as well if you are thinking of buying. From the reviews the above software maps are more accurate than the Tom Tom systems although the Tom Tom systems are cheaper and will also work on smartphones. PAys your money takes your chance. Bruce Usual disclaimer, nowt to do wit' me etc, etc