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  1. maltbyd

    Dial Swap

    Hi Gordan, I used a 4mm piece of MDF and layed the 1mm plastic over the top and fixed the plastic to the MDF using button screws, I should of bonded the pastic to the MDF, which I can still do, but a lot of work to do, I will post a photo tom when I get one, Dave
  2. maltbyd

    Dial Swap

    WARNING! Hi Guys, finished my dash made from Carbon Fibre look plastic and it looks great, Just one problem, it expands in the heat, pull the car of of the garage to tidy it up again, and left it in the sun as it has been great weather over easter, looked at dash hour later between the S/Steel button screws the dash had expanded and raised up, I looked on in horror and pushed the car back in the garage, when it had cooled down it went back to orginal position, just thought I should let all know as you may want to change your dash, any thoughts ? Dave
  3. maltbyd


    Hi guys ,just wondering while re building my dash is there any alternative engines for the sub-k with out any chassis mods, quite happy with the pinto injection, just wondering! like you do on a nice sunday afternoon working on the car, any thoughts Dave
  4. Hi guys, a couple of questions about the my sub-k, the front shockers /inserts , are they from a Sierra? can you get adjustables inserts ?, Now the back end, Iam using the standard rear shocks from a Sierra, I want to lower the back end and wondered if I could get shorter shocks if so what car would I have to buy for, Iam not looking to have coil overs but looking to stiffen the back and front end, Thanks Guys and any gals that could help , Dave
  5. maltbyd

    Capri Clocks

    I`ll give that a go , Thanks Dave
  6. maltbyd

    Capri Clocks

    Hi Guys , Has anybody got a plug for 6 dial Capri dials, Just got some from E-Bay, Thanks Dave
  7. maltbyd

    Dial Swap

    Cheers Steve, dont suppose youve got a plug for the dash, Ive rang gmscapri cannot help, thanks again Dave
  8. maltbyd

    Dial Swap

    Hi Guys, going to swap my sierra dials for a set of capri dials, has any body done this and do they have a wiring diagram to save me hours of cross referancing sierra and capri wiring diagrams please. Also I found a company who has cheap carbon fibre look plastic and it looks great, 2mm thick and 1250mm x 625mm for £34.02 including vat and delivery, Ive not seen it so reasonable on the net , going to make my dash out of it, Thanks Dave, https://www.mutr.co.uk
  9. maltbyd

    Fuel Pump

    Hi try E-bay ,Bosch fuel pumps!, there is two that may help help you. Dave
  10. maltbyd

    Reae Coils

    Thanks for ideas but has anyone put different rear shockers on (shorter shocks)and if so what off,
  11. maltbyd

    Reae Coils

    Hi guys Just been setting up the rear of my sub-k up and Iam wondering when it comes to the SVA where do they jack the rear of the car up?Do they jack it up under the rear suspention arms that hold the springs?If they did that to mine on my last setting the spring will fall out of the upper cups.So I tentioned the springs and now my ride height is far to high any ideas? Dave
  12. maltbyd

    Sva Manual

    Hi all Would be very gratful if I could have a copy of the manual Thanks Dave
  13. Hi guys Just wondering how to fit the front brake hoses to the outer panel,can they be fitted to the panel for the SVA or do you have to fix them to a bracket behind the panel Iam building a sub-k.How long do they have to be and where can I get ss braided ones from,thanks Dave
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