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  1. the lightweight is a weak chassis car, i defended it for several years but eventual decided it was not good or even practical .my dif spun even with mods i had 190 horses . an unmodified lightweight is a death trap in my opinion .swap the chassis out with a zero . the front shocks will fit the rear you will need new front shocks . the zero is far better than the lightweight . scrap it like i have. i feel a restoration coming on regards graham
  2. gdc

    Gbs Zero

    the way i was told was that the fog light should not flicker when high and low beam was used , ie the change over
  3. gdc

    Donnington Show

    the zero does have a problem with the rear near side rear wheel the jig was faulty and creates a rear wheel that turns out . a couple of 2mm spacers will fix it but if you are unaware then it is potentially not nice to drive . regareds graham
  4. gdc

    Gbs Zero

    hi nick the prob is with the jig , i first found the prob when trying to sort out the geometry for the road . i placed a steel 2x2 box section along the rear wheel , and found the exit point the line nearly a foot from the start point i rang gbs , to be told they had an issue with the jig they said they had an issue with 1 jig and how to sort it. a 300mm prob at front equates to a 2mmprob at the rear easy to sort out graham
  5. gdc

    Gbs Zero

    when at donnington i noticed several zeros with the rear passenger side wheel cocked out. ie the wheel is not in alignment with the car , its an easy fix and a lot of the kits have this prob . remove the rear wheel hub and fit 2/ 3 1mm spacers to the rear of the hub mounts , not the whole mount just the rear 2 bolt mounts . regards graham
  6. gdc

    Donnington Show

    the jig is out of alignment or the first one was , my several mm . extend that by 16ft to the front that becom es prob graham
  7. gdc

    Donnington Show

    rob you also took out the reply that suported me . sorry but i think you wrong to take this out. this is not moderating this is stifling free speech you are wrong graham i will enclose my phone no again 01480215821`
  8. gdc

    Donnington Show

    the post was removed for one reason and one reason only , rob knows the reason. whilst at donnington this post is for all zero owners , i noticed a few real wheels on the passenger side that were out of line with the front the rear wheel, on the passenger side is the problem. gbs had an issue with the jig in earlier production . so issue is rear passenger side out of line cure is easy , piece if string from rear wheel strung across rear wheel to front distance equals toe in or out . my first zero was out by front to rear about a foot to sort it put in 2 shims of about 2mm to the rear of the mounting point of the back plate. for the brake mounting plate graham rob if you have an issue with me please contact me on 01480215821 i am posting for the good of the club
  9. hi my point was that depending on the donor ie 3 engine mounts and 3 different diffs . should the best way to sell these kits is to sell the doner with the kit. so as produced the kit matches the donor. 1 big box with all the bits in. graham
  10. gdc

    Donnington Show

    rob you appear to have removed a post?
  11. gdc

    Donnington Show

    to add to the pm earlier i did scrap another lightweight it was the one that failed so sceptically that created the -problem in the first place.i bought it from rhsc so as to get it out of view . graham
  12. great day on sat and great food sat eve thanks all for that, great to hear that the car got sorted . i had a prob with the van and had to leave early to try to get it sorted, not sorted so waste of a day wish i had stayed. graham
  13. gdc

    Donnington Show

    hi if you need any info on the lightweight please let me know,we spoke today for a few moments today .regards graham
  14. only real prob i can see with the masda is the 3 types of engine mounts and the three types of diff, it makes the doner a problem in that you dont know what your getting . could be an export prob for gbs graham ps have you ever shortened a drive shaft , they are tempered steel.
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