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Status Updates posted by gdc

  1. neil you wont regret it , let mev know if

    you need assistance , which i doubt .


  2. glad to here your feeling a bit better , see you at newark ?


  3. now got the plates . and on the road .

  4. hi adam nice looking car .


  5. pm sent


  6. hi rick

    i would look at rose joints all round if poss , i have asked rich at gbs to come up with a full set for the zero . i should be a

    newark , still waiting for regestration at the mo .


  7. if i had the chance i would rose joint ,

    as easily adjustable

  8. hi rick good luck with the rear end, i have sold the tiger on .as it wasnt big enough for my frame .


  9. well done with the veggy car , should be very econonimical and have loads of torque

    spain or the world should be no probs .

    well done david

    lol graham

  10. no probs jon enjoy


  11. gdc

    great car rich all the best with it .


  12. and a second zero for dan dan .

    help its getting out of hand

  13. but i now have a zero to build

    any comments welcome

  14. yes you can nigel

    love graham xxx

  15. you have too many friends

  16. i dont think the rr was acurate

  17. gdc

    hi from the uk

    regards graham

  18. hi if you need info i may be of help


  19. just noticed whats it like to be 97

  20. good luck with the build and if i can be of any help please contact me ,

    regards graham

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