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    thanks for input and assistance all help gratfully recieved graham
  2. gdc


    hi thanks for your replies engine no is hs 11031 hope you can assist . with regard rhsc and detail since rs departed detail is not forthcoming i have asked for design weights and been fobbed ofim not sure they know, my name and address is graham coles woodlands sundon road houghton regis dunstable lu55np .please let me know your postage and costs and i will refund many thanks graham :gdit:
  3. gdc


    hi guys and girls , just completing a light weight with a 1700 xflow 140 bhp can anyone tell me the design weights ,or how to work them out, also i believe pre 73 exempt from emissions just visible smoke test ,can anyone tell me the engine numbers for xflow up to 73 or how to read them many thanks graham
  4. many thanks but ecotec arrives tomorrow may change
  5. hi i have just purchaced a lightweight kit from a guy who unfortunatly has fallen ill, he had completed the body/chassis work to a very high standard, the job for me is now to complete the project. the robin hood dvd does not go in to brake lines fuel lines wiring ect, whilst i understand the reasons this dosent help with the build ,any one got any tips or picks. going to fit a 2.0 ecotec with injection/cat mated to type 9 tips ? have built a 2b going for sva soon so not a virgin hoody many thanks graham
  6. gdc

    2.0ltr Doc In To S7

    nigel this 2L DOC is on a carb but exaugst wrong side for S7 thanks for allyour input
  7. gdc

    2.0ltr Doc In To S7

    thanks for your help picked the car up very cheap i have a 2.0 ltr pinto and type 9 box which i will fit cheers
  8. gdc

    2.0ltr Doc In To S7

    hi guys ive got a S7 bought part built got out of barn been there ten years have got a complete h reg 2.0 ltr doc sierra carb engine and box ect any one done one please help graham
  9. gdc

    S7 Build Manual

    hi ihave s7 manual for what good it is more than happy to copy and send to you e mail at gdc heating .co .uk or through rhoc
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