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    just a few ideas get the forum into club hands . talk to gbs re integration of the brand names and types whatever . and their participation with the club, they do haul all the club gear to and from shows . how close to the club do they want to be ? there have been issues that i feel richard should have addressed here and has not ? not trying to divide but to unite. this is a great club this is a large club and as such needs a great leader ship to push us forward . steve has done a sterling job over the last 4 years , at the agm a new leadership will be chosen ,and i hope a new way foreword will become apparent .not just to change but to enhance rhocar regards graham
  2. gdc


    so do we need to approach the web monkey to buy the rights to the rhocar site and either pay matt to run it or find someone to host it . we could then organize the forum as the members want it not as matt has it set up.it is very long winded at the moment to change anything . regards graham
  3. so can we have a deal ? £225 i will pay shipping. not going to pay more . as for arround £350 i can get a new set
  4. so are the rumors about the Scots true then . i did try to place some smilies
  5. hi dude £200 and i will pay the shipping , and yes phill i know this is in the wrong area . graham ps what about the diff you took out ?
  6. i only paid £350 new 4 wheels and 4 tyres from gbs as a set and the rubbers been burnt since . graham
  7. give me a clue ? i have tires here graham
  8. sorry i like the original ones wizz still for sale ? regards graham
  9. gdc

    Final Edit ?

    ell done dude a great job . i will get shouted down by cma . don't know what his prob is , but it will happen . anything that that expands the clubs reach is welcombe graham what have i done to you cma ?????????????
  10. cheers guys i dont deserve it .been a bit naughty over the past 12 months . but thanks graham
  11. so andi are you selling the wheels i sold you with the car ?
  12. gdc


    cheers dude thanks for the vote of confidence., sorry i wasn't to keen to do the job . as it meant would have to subject my family to a lot of hard work and distress . to sort out the problems . why dont you do it you are very vocal. regards graham ps what is this gdc again ?
  13. gdc


    is that it then ?>
  14. gdc


    sorry guys but . from all of you on line at the mo . the rhocar elite are not talking . why is this ? you edit posts but wont comment why ?
  15. gdc


    £15 is not a huge amount for what if you want to participate in the club and its actions regards graham as wizz has said 4 beers or 2 packets of fags
  16. gdc


    re the mag , numbers that want hard copy need to be sussed out well before print time . someone needs to spend time assessing the numbers then the postage needs to be taken into account . also the print run if smaller i guess the per unit more expensive. i love the mag and when it arrives i cant wait to read it . however i feel we need to save money on this sort of expense so if on line is the way forward then i am for it .. regards graham
  17. gdc


    great job phill re the forum , i feel limited access for non members is a must . , put the mag online only , save the huge printing costs . we as members are still going to help the new builders , but i feel the new builders need to register and be seen , so we can contact them or they can contact us so if required we can assist with the build .or just be able to sat wow . what a build. graham
  18. richard the forum has value , the club has value. we work hard to help anyone who has a prob whith a rhsc . car if it cant be found then why would we protect it . be a member stand up and be counted
  19. tony from skcc is doing a great job in promoting his club we dont do this . in every post his club is promoted . learn !"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we need to do more
  20. so many members have viewed this and havnt commented . mayby tony has a point ?
  21. tony sorry i feel you do have an agenda, why would you be here otherwise. sorry dude i like what you do. but you are questioning what our leadership is doing and what it is about. , shall we say you are a leader of a competing kit car club are you a member of rhocar and trying to i feel to segregate the membership of rhocar . there is not a forum in the country i believe that has the info we have , protect it and charge for it .
  22. tony you are playing devils advocate
  23. tony i am a member of skcc , but i feel you are manuplicating the facts to suit yourself, sorry dude i like what you do . but we do it a bit different on rhocar. lock the forum mayby a trial period . but stop non members undermining the forum and what we are about . we as members will help others and will give info to others , we always have ,but support the club £15 is not a lot to be able to find a sump find the wiring solution ect lock it !!!!!!!!!!
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