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  1. why does this keep coming up ,lock the forum to non members . i feel all i have worked for is being given away. plus all our members who have paid membership and contributed in the past, their hard work and their contributions are being given away . given away to free loaders . people who want the info on the forum but are unwilling to pay a poxy £15 for the info to complete their dream car ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? joke and not happy it continues
  2. gdc

    Zero Diff Replacement

    i think i pmd you its a 3.6
  3. but i have passed 2 svas with lightweights ? the first to be tested was a crock , it had been rushed to completion. it was constructed in a single garage in a very hot summer and i believe the owner wanted a quick completion . to be fair the lightweight had its problems , i shot my diff . but with nearly 200 horses . graham
  4. gdc

    Zero Diff Replacement

    dude you should have called me , i built it , i could have told you where to look . ps i have a diff here that i could let you have as a spare , if you could consider letting me purchace the one you just removed . graham
  5. gdc

    Skcc Video

    this is always the problem lots of yeses till it comes to it. The only way i see round it is to take deposits prior to booking
  6. gdc

    Skcc Video

    just watched skcc video loved it!!! why are we not doing some thing like this to have on line as a promo and at the shows????? is it because we dont do things like this? why? skcc are a very active area they arnt rhocar but they run sevens and other marques. Should our areas be posting more of their activities with photos and videos and promoting the club in doing so. can we not have a national rhocar meet instead of just the shows and small group camping trips? any ideas?
  7. ii have here documents that relate to on road cars , s7 , 2b , and lightweight , this is a public forum /. do any to you think i am stupid enough to try to use a ringer on the highway sorry guys i ant that stupid . dad
  8. but i could but i havnt
  9. four wheels are the norm you have only 3
  10. simon there are 7 videos on how to build a lightweight cut down i believe from 13 all on dvd . and all a waste of time .the diff canott be removed from a lightweight, withought destroying the car end of . graham
  11. gdc

    Rolling Road Results

    hi wizz hope you sorted the clutch issue . if you get a chance send the old slave back to me as i would like to see where it failed. thinking it might me slightly out of line , and the use may be be stressing it , just a thought .hope you love the car as i did . dad
  12. dan perhaps its a lightweight with a wheel missing?
  13. gdc

    Mark B's Birthday

    as said happy b/day dude . dad
  14. the diff is totaly enclosed in the the monocoque of the car and is the first componant fitted and monocoque built round it. the only way to remove it is to cut in to the struture of the car with a 9" angle grinder
  15. dude i am glad your loving it . hope you had a great run home to wet and rainy scotland , wanting home rule ect. but we build them good in england , (i hope it stayed together ) love dad
  16. snapperpaul yes i did know the answer , i put the question to debate, and you bit , a touch aggressive i thought . i will not ring my lightweight , i have been through the ringer with the lightweight , to get it on the road . not going to expose myself further , cos this is a public forum and my thoughts are public ..the lightweight was floored in its designe and was equally never designed to have 200 horses under the bonnett. the engine bay floor cracked even with steel inserts added , and the diff did a nose dive . eventually the diff failed and to replace the diff .the car was a rightoff as no way to replace the diff in situe , fortunatly there are still several still on the road , i think 6 in total . graham ps love to talk
  17. any changes might controvien iva regs
  18. agent zed you make a good case and the mods i had to make to the lightweight to achive iva were far from the origonal design so was that correct . i have posted for responce i do this from time to time . i have enjoyed the responses, and i never intended to ring my lightweight , phill shelton and i scrapped it 2 weeks ago . i got £85 for the shell . my zero is sold and has emmigrated to the far north (scotland ) please get this forum talking the way it used to . graham
  19. dave your right you would not buy a lighweight badged as a lightweight but you know what is what..and what the lightweight will bring , i am exploroing the internet to find answers .i am in a difficult podition cos the lightweight is bol swasdhedc cant repaire cannt replace . a prob. what bdo i do ?
  20. hi luke thats my innntention . graham
  21. hi dave thanks for the reply this is my delima , i have a lightweight with a diff thats boswasks and the only way to remove it is to scrap the car , i have scrapped 3 lightweights in the past . the only way to remove the diff is to scrap the car ask phill shelton he was here when we scrapped the last one the question is what can i do that is legal to retain some of the origonal car .and retain the origonal mark of the car.ps the diff is the first part fiitted to the lightwewight
  22. so my new chassis / shell can be built by gbs to the same standards ?a chassis that has no ridigity and no srenght a chassis that i have worked for 4 years to strengthen to make it work .and have failed,so i can buy a replacement chassis / body that is as bad as the one i have ? or i can be not legal .
  23. sorry simon not deep enough for me . i get what your saying but the reasoning ant there . its a clone the mgb is a clone .. its not even the same co issuing the shell . so whats the differance
  24. but i dont think it does ?thats the issue . its not a factory built alternative , its an alternative . its not an origonal shell its a copy by another company . so whats the differance ? graham
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