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    ello short fat bloke . lots of other short fat blokes here welcome to the nut house , all here are nuts and postings are usually un thought abought or just s6it. some have to be listened to others talk cr4p . welcome graham and have a great time , #regards graham
  2. so not wishing to be difficult , but a shell or body as you wish to call it can be manufactured by anyone, branded as the origonal and used as a swap out for a rusty one ? so the question still is , why a lightweight , with a diff that cant be changed cos the structure wont allow it to be removed and repaired cant be re boddied into a zero . the zero is the next inline in the rhsc brand , its the same company , its the same designer .so why the differance , is it cos the mgb is main streem , and kits are a distant second classs vechicle .the last kit that came out of rhsc was the lightweight , not a 2 b or something else . i am trying to promote thought . not raise a storm . i have been intreeged forsome time re the mgb , and the rebuild implications . its not origonal it does not come from the origonal factory . it may look the same but its not the origonal . a seven is a seven , with the exception of a. couple of manufacturers they all look the same . graham not wishing to upset or diss anyone but the question stands .
  3. British Motor Heritage Limited Range Road, Cotswold Business Park, Witney, OX29 0YB, United Kingdom If you reshell an MGB as an MGB that's ok .But its not an mgb shell the shell isn't made by mgb, its made by the above co. and i only asked a question, not trying to ovoid iva either, done 2iva and 3 sva.in the past. graham
  4. gdc

    2B+ For Sale

    so taking the p155 out of nick might take the pressure of me mark?
  5. good plan mark thanks .
  6. so my question is ? whats legal and whats not ?can for instance a lightweight be re shelled into a zero as an mgb would be with a heratige shell and only an mot ? for compliance . regards graham
  7. hi mark thanks for the comments , however i still cant see the difference , between swapping out a mgb and a zero . not thinking of buying an id . but if as in the case of the mgb a shell is avaialable and only an mot is rqd . then why cant a lightweight become a zero as it is the generic replacement for a lightweight . we arnt talking about ringing here as the replacement has been purchaced legit, as would the mgb shell .and the lightweight for instance has history . regards graham
  8. just to add to the mix , for instance i have an mg , its got a rotton bodyshell, so i buy a heratage body shell, swap out all the bits from the doner as it were, end with a new shell and my bits fitted on on it , mot and on the road .?????????????? so if my lightweight needs a new diff, i know if the lightweight needs a diff the car is a rightoff cos you cant get the diff out without destroying the car i have tried 3 times to remove a diff without destroying the car .cos i have scrapped 3 lightweights . .so can i rebuild my lightweight into a zero and avoid a iva .as it would have poss ally worm and stress cracks.. i understand that a dutton should not be re regestered as a robin hood ect . so as far as the first bit i posted re the mgb whats the differance . graham
  9. turn the end pieces that hold the wiper arms the other way up .you will need to remove them from the worm drive and reassemble . graham
  10. hi why dont you join the club and you will get a list of local members its only £15 or £16 online with pay pal
  11. Hi Fem intrested in rolling chassis and fiberglass how much? Graham
  12. el 0st 170 is brill engine nigel if you need mess about with it . then you will get srtange readfings, i if you faf about with it .. leave it alone .
  13. but was the tube of a quality to be used for a chassis? mayby the quality was compromised .by cost ? glad to hear gbs has responded so fast , i hope they act quickly and re chassis the car . you should not be inconvenienced by their actions ,its their car its their kit they should take responsibility for the kit they supply. graham
  14. gdc

    A Bit Bland

    so 2 years ago this was a very different place , we had banter that was accepted ,. and we had a lot of laughs, it appears now we have to be so correct that it is no longer a giggle . ant that why we are here? look sorry to go on about it but things have altered , and not for the better . dan you still seem up for it ? so can we put a finger on the prob ? i spoke to a senior member of the committee recently and he to was at a loss to explain why this has happend . dont pull me up on spelling or grammer as this to is a bone of contention . and poss another reason peeps arnt posting . graham
  15. gdc

    A Bit Bland

    your prob all correct
  16. gdc

    A Bit Bland

    hi guys and gals to be correct theses days have we not noticed that posting is so bland . we are not chatting like we used to do , just posting . its getting boring . and you know whats comming .. rhocar was a vibrant comunity but now is silent or at worse ,being correct . is it me ? or is it something else . graham
  17. gdc


    hi kev i am trying to attend but i need a navigator , cant drive like a loon and look for clues. let me know if you have a copilot. graham
  18. gdc


    i think there might be a lot of pig left ?
  19. gdc


    was at newark today , wet and windy. 30 ish cars on the rhocar stand . very quiet show generally . got drowned on the way back home . but rain stopped about 30 miles from home and the wind dried me out . great to see the rhocar stalwarts again see you all soon . graham
  20. gdc

    Ebay Finance

    cheers dan no not a lot of luck . normal purchace , then asked to pay via e bay finance a third party . you pay them they hold the money till you are satisfied with the goods . then after a stated time the funds are paid . itsa scam , big time . just wanted to allert the membership to it . do not pay via a third party this is a .scam allert !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ebay finance does not exist . the emails come through as ebay but its not . beware . graham
  21. gdc

    Ebay Finance

    hi a note to you all there is a scam its called ebay finance . you look to buy on ebay and you are told ebay finance is the way to trade . you are told its better then pay pall cos there is less cost . do not go there !¬!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its a scam there is no ebay finance . you are directed to pay via ebay finance the font is correct the whole page looks correct . but its not i have just lost £3000 on a purchace i have given a statement to the old bill , and spoken to barclays cos thats where the account is , the account is an account .and is active , i have asked their fraud department to look into it . do not pay for anything other than by pay pall . graham still licking my wounds
  22. hi nick look at some of the build blogs to be found here , the zero is an easy build . i did mine in 12 weeks part time building .i have built several before though. shaft has a great site for info . graham
  23. best wishes to you both graham
  24. hi daz sorry to hear of you probs . hope to see you soon graham
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