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  1. gdc

    Wheels For Trolley

    hi i have some wheels here that we have used on build trollies . 4 for £10 plus post .work fine . graham
  2. as a complete twat and being on the wrong side of the rhocar elite i also want to applaud steve's leadership . done a great job ,not always seen eye to eye but he has always been fair . he supported the south with the bear thing for air ambulance when the northern peeps were not interested if you don t think of it it seems you dont want to support it . me gone a community user graham.
  3. gdc


    cheers tim your in put is invaluable you are the voice of rhocar. you will always be . please let us know your standing re the stonleigjh thing , ie the damage dad er
  4. i have a zero with st 170 engine producing 183 bhp .give me a call if you iterested its for sale at £13000 dad
  5. gdc


    this is the last post i am going to make on this forum , i have taken the crap re my drinking issues , but this is a statement of my real feelings , gaz s car was damaged by an unseen electrical outlet , this outlet was not marked in any way . the car was damaged , not only the rad but the floor was creased repairs are required . last year this outlet created damage to another car ., but was not persued, .the club could have said that we dont go to stonleigh, untill this was sorted , but elected not too . gaz is and was the most effective area sec , his area has grown with him at the helm . he is now selling his kit , and will be giving up the area sec poss . he has said to me he no longer wants to be associated with the club as he is going to persue his passion with hot rods .. why do we as a club not support our members , the chairman has locked out comments on other threads i have re initiated this issue . i feel to prevent negative reports re the club . the club i feel could and should have said to grosvonor that we would not go again untill the issue was resolved . we are a large enough club to have clout and not to have not just sent letters . we have lost a great area sec , and a piss head over this . end of . no support no club you make the choice .
  6. gdc

    Not Renewing

    just a note i wont be renewing my my membership next year , problems or not , *** head or not . i supported gaz for his compo claim against stonleigh . the money raised replaiced his radiator only .] the floor of the car is creaced and needs replacing . the club should have supported him more and placed more pressure on the organisers of the event to prevent further accidents .you can think of me as you will but i feel i have done my bit for rhocar .i have given the lightweight a chance and i feel my zero is one of the best ever built , gaz and i will always be mates as will some others .some will not . if i attend a show in the future i will park with the locosts . good by
  7. gdc

    Damage At Stonleigh

    total; cock here you have given me the will to carry on , i will try to get gaZS CAR REPAIRED . IF YOU THINK I AM a COCK Idont give a CRAP.
  8. gdc

    Damage At Stonleigh

    steve thanks for the reply i do feel however that we as a club are not covering the issues re the damage amd the posible issues re the claim for the damages , stonleigh are blatntly resposnasably for the claim to gazs kit why are we not persuing this as a claim . why as a major kit car club are we not assisting him????????????? dad
  9. gdc

    Damage At Stonleigh

    our asteemed chairman has read this post and chosen not to comment . it says some thing that when a member is in trouble ,nothing appeares to happen . gaz drove onto thew site at stonleigh, his radiator was pierced and the floor of the car damagedc he has asked for a repair cost , but has ,met difficulty achieviing this .from stonleigh please mr chairman sort this out . we are not a small club , we must have some influnce ./ dad
  10. gdc

    Damage At Stonleigh

    DUDE ME AND YOU DONT NEED TO FALL OUT i have a great relationship with MANY members of the rhoar site you included . gaz s car was damaged and should be repaired we should put pressure on the show providers to make recompence to people like gazs whose kit was damaged . the electrical outlet was wrong , in placement., the club should take a better stand in protecting its members . dad
  11. gdc

    Damage At Stonleigh

    nick i am happy with myself . some whisky yes , my dad is porley , he is 89 and NOT WELL the club needs to get behind gaz he has suffered for the club , he needs support. . i am not in a good place at the the mo , but i can support myself . give gaz a go .
  12. gdc

    Damage At Stonleigh

    sorry nick this has still not been addressed, the time line is confused . gaz car is damaged and has not been sorted . the car is damaged asnd stonliigh has dimissed responsibility . dad
  13. gdc

    Damage At Stonleigh

    and are you going to keep saying the same crap or what ? the issue is that gaz hit a terminal and it buggered his kit . he drove many miles to get to the show , he wanted to show his kit ? dad
  14. gdc

    Damage At Stonleigh

    also his kit is damaged this is is only felt by the person whose kit is damaged .he loves his kit . the electrical outlet was left in a bad position and was not given a notice . we need to persue the people that run the show to get a sensible outcome. dad
  15. gdc

    Damage At Stonleigh

    just wondering why you said that nick ? there has been no conclusion to the problem so far , the kit is damaged and no one wants to take responsibility for it .
  16. i thought after all this time gaz would have had an outcome to satisfy his issues , it appears i was wrong , he drove onto the club site at stonleigh and recievied damage to his kit . the electrical outlet that did the damage was not in an approved locatiation , ie height or notified in anyway . the club i feel has a responsibility to persue this as a claim for damages , the car is damaged and requires repairing. gaz has been quiet re the problem , but i feel he needs assistance to resolve the problem . there was an issue the year before re the same area also . dad
  17. gdc

    S7 For Sale

    hi tom i am sad that the car has to be sold , but thats how it is . the price is poss under what its worth . we are in a real depresion at the mo and prices are crap for kits . yours is a proper car and should make the price pluss . put it on e bay and see what happens , you will get cock heads offering crap ammounts . be informed that my second lightweight just sold for £4900, and was sold by me in the spring for £4700. all the best with the sale and hope to see you soon in a tee shirt driving a seven. graham 3 34900
  18. this has been my feeling for few few years #the info on this site has value , it can create new members . we have worked for years to work out what works and what dont . why should non members get acess to this info?we own the server ? we donnt own the site though our info is given as an entry to the site . re the pig thing if you are there then you should take advantage of it . graham
  19. sorry guys but you have lost me i am out of here . me gone . buy.
  20. sorry to add a second reply however . i am ready to leave rhocar , i am fed up . the info is a given the pig is given away . end of .
  21. nigel do we not own the server as a club i thought we purchaced the server ? as a club purchace .the only person that will know will be the chairman
  22. gdc

    Nat West Bank

    thanks for your thoughts guys . i have arrainged it so the morgage and the bank will be paid off . so mayby no further probs . its a real step down in living area , and most important the garage will be much smaller. but i will have to addapt . graham
  23. phill why did you change the agenda ? i have been an area sec and i too know the chill of the wait for mermbers to poss turn up . i thought this was about the web site and the pig eating thing . graham
  24. so for once nigel may have made the best reply so far ,love you nige ,. for me and my feelings . make them pay for the knowledge that is whithin this clubs database . its been built up over many years , its our knowledge , we have earnt it . we have made the mistakes to end up with the right answers . we have spent the time and the money to come up with the right answers . dont give it away . become a member and we will give the answers . £15 for the answers ? i met a guy at the ace cafe on sat , he couldnt work out why his starter would not work . when we asked , he was trying to use the origonal zetec starter in its origonal position . we explained how to make it all work , after the laughter calmed down .he has spent months trying to sort it out . come on guys this info is and always has been worth money . or members . lets get it sorted . pig eating is for members only . cos we paid for it . lets not give it away . graham inmyho i have to add that just in case . as a foot note i have always thought that the info in this forum should be restricted to members only . and the value of a £15 membership wow you work it out .
  25. happy b/day chris . see you soon i hope at an sg7 meet ? graham
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