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  1. nigel is right leave it be it wont hurt either way ,as long as its there . dad
  2. tom just rip the head off , and check it out . , new gasket , job done . dad
  3. didnt see an excuse for james , running with only second gear but won the style points .
  4. as cma says poss head gasket . ps called round to see you sat, not in .
  5. mayby i am on a bit of a downer at the mo , but i firmly believe their is a devide me love this club and please dont get me wrong ,. but there is banter and feeling that dont work re the areas . so dont give me negative vibes , it ant nessarry. i am trying to unite all the areas , not devide , we have to remove this north south thing , dont be complacient its there . we do as much as you lot do , re chariy we started the bear thing for the air ambulance went down like a lead baloon in the north , no one realy suported it except , mayby 2 i could memtion, so lets start again , find a starting point . there are a lot more of you than us graham mayby i am on the edge i need support
  6. live in luton eat curry end of graham re north south . i think its there . sorry but thets how i feel
  7. my chips dont need gravy , they need curry.me from luton !!!!!!!! re this traveling , i am more then happy to do it , but i dont want to end up as a wet twit , from the south , with no where to hide . graham
  8. hi daz i think we think alike re the insurance . ask our chairman how the insurance works , he will tell you . its parts only then re evaluate the cost . re the value. sorry to be a bad news bringer but this is how it is , graham
  9. i think you are altering the truth guys .i was only saying that i feel we, ie as southerners do a lot of traveling . this north south devide , is it there ? graham
  10. my car only does 30 in the rain
  11. bolswocks says it all graham
  12. soft southeners , says it all . we travel far more to get to shows than you northern peeps . when did you go to detling in the snow ?????????????? or rain or hail . mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm #graham
  13. how do i fix it when traveling over 100 miles . graham bungies ??????
  14. dan i understand your frustration re the insurance ect . we all need to reflect on the terms of the insurance though . most and i say most insurers ,say the insurance is based on the cost of parts only to rebuild . how else do you supose we get such good terms on insurance . equivilient of 350 horses plus , for under 200 quid . there has to be a trade off . that is we repair ourselves plus parts . insurance is not there to make a profit , its there to reimburse loss . and loss only not to upgrade . sorry for you loss dude . graham
  15. phill had to fix his brakes cos they wouldnt work on sun . graham
  16. hi dan , sorry but i feel i need to be devils advocate. you have lost your 2b in an accident , not good ! to replace you need to rebuild , only alternative is the fat boy zero , the cost of the kit is the cost end of , your car as a doner and sell back is costed by the insurance , the parts in that doner are the parts , not a zetec on jenvies . you cant expect the insurance company to provide you with funds to construct a car that is better than the one you lost . a zero is better than a 2b , you can all slag me but it is better engineered . and it does what it says on the tin .sorry dude all i can say is get the best deal you can on the kit and the best you can for the 2b as a doner from the insurance co . the reason we get cheap insurance i believe is that we agree to repair ourselves , plus parts . that alone may answer your question . graham
  17. if you remove the bottom section of the back panal ,prior to fitting the difuser , you will need a bracket to hold the sides on , can be made from flat alloy, no real drama.its how i did mine as i ivad withought the difuser . graham ps looks good in the yellow , mines black .
  18. might go might not , re wheather , and no roof . graham
  19. gdc

    Zetec Won't Fit :(

    pedal box arround £300 , if you want a better engine mayby its worth it . i dont particularly like the floor mounted system but its a way arround it . graham
  20. gdc

    Canada F1

    stewart the start was crap . the delay was crap but the finish was brill. not seen racing like that for years , jenson was brill and deserverd the win . ohh phil as long as the brakes work ??????????? graham
  21. gdc

    Zetec Won't Fit :(

    you could fit a floor mounted pedal box .
  22. not wishing to be controvertial but . a mapping session is an expensive opperation , an iva map is what i have on mine at the mo , cost £325 . to alter it will prob cost the same again . i have an emerald setup , n/hampton motor sports sorted it . you may have to barter for the required map , graham
  23. phill strange smell mmmm yup its crap. cant blame you though it was an appalling day , come on fess up . graham
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