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  1. please check back a couple of posts and the list is there dad
  2. gdc

    First Drive

    sorry guys but if it bends back and forth its gona break . it needs to swivvle.if that is even a word graham
  3. andi your a bad bad man . opps sorry couldnt help it . dad
  4. gdc

    Zero Build Manual

    never seen any info re the build . i have built several more chalanging marks before . i just went with my gut feelings and built it as i wanted , graham
  5. well done big boy ! another one , all the best lee see you soon . graham
  6. to add i never had a prob with megasquirt , i had an evil prob with mtech . i went there to tune my st fitted with bike t/boddies . matt after a trial of the car said the t/boddies wernt matched and the tps was faulty. this was the day before xmas day 2 years ago , bear in mind i was a long way from home and i think captured , it was decided i would have the jenvies , fitted and mapped . cost £2300. ouch 2 years later i retried the same t/boddies on a zetec to find they worked fine . mmmmm so shafted by mteck . i have sent him a snotty email but no refund . re the megasquirt . its limited on the mapping unless you spend almost the same as omex. so no real saving to my mind , also very few rolling roads will map a mega squirt . inmyho graham
  7. dont panic . its a test,if you prepair it right it will pass , many dont pass first time though, so dont panic.do the bits you have seen on here and what you think is right , the tester will point you in the right direction during the test , he may go for tea !during the test . take along plenty of bits , edge trim glue and rubber bits for cover ect . make sure all the lights and indicators work , sounds obvious but many dont . have a letter from the engine manufacturer re emmisions and year. all the best graham
  8. i am getting together a list for tickes to this show , it was a great sucsess over the past few years . so far me dinger snowball mike b al milton plus his good lady peter bell and tea shirt tom paul c kev booth paul franklin john and jayne gaz andi phil shelton steve altwasser please let me know asap any more confirmed entries . graham ps i have 25 tickets in all and i need to set out the area the day before . so i need numbers .
  9. as stephen and nigel says . i have been there and i am a lot poorer for the experiance . wont be doing that again . for me steer clear. graham
  10. hi can we have the new address and post code ta. graham
  11. he started alone and unloved , great cause not well recieved . phill put him to bed , sorry dude . graham ps i have his brother and he is feeling left out also. not well recieved , inmho but to add to the mix i will bid £50 for hoodie
  12. gdc

    Gbs Open Day, 23rd July

    if i can afford i will be there . graham
  13. phil that engine i think is a good one , but very few in manual form . graham
  14. as said above go for it there will be help very close if needed . graham
  15. glad to here your feeling a bit better , see you at newark ?


  16. hi tony could this be the first joint venture ?mayby on one stand with both flags ? i have no probs with it . does rhocar have a presence planned , and a stand arrainged ? graham ps if anyone feels the journey is too far and we are enroute i am able to offer overnight accomodation and poss a bbq the night before.
  17. phil getting it out and playing with it?? are you comming down for this , anyone else? stephen nice to hear from you , sorry you cant make it , many happy returns to mum from all here. not sure about mon might be nailing together that other zero. your more than welcome to lend a hand , bacon butties tea ect. sat weather looks crap. graham
  18. i cut mine into the roll bar in the centre and ran the wires to the boot area . ps crapping my pants whils doing it though. graham
  19. hi cut down the length of thread to a minimum and add a nut cover , stick it on with silicon . graham
  20. cheers tom reserved place see you at mk graham
  21. i will be there subject to no rain , only 18 miles from venue , great show last year . any more . graham
  22. hi al still recievieng medicine pit due to be emptied tomorrow , 1000 galls of crap, thats a lot of crap. dad
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