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  1. Somtime since I have been here due to work and surviving the down turn. Car has now sat untouched for 2 years in garage and during that time the regulation changes SVA etc mean am I wasting my time. I now have the time and resources plus all the parts required to push forward but will I find I can never get this pass the new test. Your advice will be much appreciated. Kim
  2. Kim

    Ford Parts

    A business I know have just Purchased £16 million pounds worth of ford parts going back several years. A huge warehouse full. Lots to sort out. Items such as a large metal bin full of alloy sumps, huge stock of pick up pipes, suspension components, gears all individually packed you could build your own gearbox, thousands of nuts,bolts etc. all individually packed, alloy wheels there are 150 fondmetal for mondeos alone. The stock is to be moved to Westbury Wiltshire by September at which point it is to be cataloged. The owner has agreed I can take a look and put to one side any thing of use to kit builders. So where do you start?
  3. Interesting topic 2 weeks to late as I have just made the mistake of trying fit 2.0l to 4 speeed box with wrong clutch ( won.t fit splines). I was thinking of changing to 5 speed that I have got but bell housing is broke so got another box and the bell housings are not inter changable slightly different. So just goes to show what you think might fit Mr Ford decided to alter only very slightly the word bugger comes to mind and a tour of the local scrappy for the right bell housing. Kim
  4. insured my son with direct line Corsa 1.7 diesel. As my wife has been on my policy for 5 years she automaticaly got policy with full ncb son is named driver only coverd 3rd party fire and theft, he will have to drive careful cost £352 he is paying at £33 per month. If he stays on the policy for a year he can have his own policy with 30% discount but as he is the main driver this is the max he can get and he has to have his own policy after 15 months. Kim
  5. Thanks all Went to local garage today instead of dealer told me to just change the pads disks are fine. Getting pads from motor factors and will fit them my self. Should save at least £250. so will put it towards some seats for the RH( and tell the wife it cost £300 and this kind chap gave me these brand new seats) Ki m
  6. Kim

    S7 Engine Mounts

    Bought pair of new ones on Ebay for £45 as I lost one. Got 1 spare used for cost of postage. Kim Can supply photo's and measurements to check if OK
  7. Took the wifes Citoen Picasso for it's 25,000 mile service today. 1 new light bulb, 1 wiper blade, and some other bit's and pieces. Greatest shock needs new discs, brake pads got 1-2000 miles left so Citroen are now making the pads from somrthing that wears the discs faster than the pads. And they want £300 Do's this sound right? :gdit: :gdit: :gdit: :gdit:
  8. Kim

    Any Body Near

    I live in Shepton Mallet and hope to go on Monday Doin sponserd 30 mile walk on Sunday to send my daughter to Japan in the summer so if I feel up to goin on Monday morning swap beer for a contribution? Kim
  9. Peter Thankyou for the link this site it is so useful Kim
  10. Thankyou all for your advice, it seems things may not be as bad as I was led to believe. I was worried I might be building a kit that might struggle to meet a current SVA, so it's full steam ahead and see what happens. Kim
  11. I have got a unbuilt S7 Stainless Mk 2 delux. Does anyone have photos or information on where to strengthen the chassis to meet the current SVA because as you all probably know it was never designed to meet the SVA requirements. I have been advised by other members to take a look at the engine bay area where some have shown signs of cracking but has anyone actually carried out work on this area and could give me some pointers. It has also been sugested I may need a additional bar behind the seats to attach the seatbelts as it is no longer permissible to attach to the back of the boot as in the manual. Any other positive help would be usefull. Kim
  12. Followin accident with engine stand, ( dropped wheel off concrete into gravel and just went over) and after one squashed finger I am looking for a fuel pump and the thermo-viscous fan hub also need a the rubber clutch release cover with clip for a 2.0 L pinto. Tip of the day don't try to catch fallin engines just let em go Kim
  13. Kim

    F1 Starts Again.

    Just wait to see if that chrome paint manages to stay on the car. I'm sayin nuffin
  14. John Could be interested as building S7 and still need lots of bits including registration document. I do have 2.0 l engine but 1600 for SVA would be good and means I have more time to fully rebuild. Train journey not to far to Reading from Bath to pick up. Do you know if the dials fit into a S7? Regards Kim
  15. I have a unbuilt S7 kit complete with donor parts but the previous owner lost the registration Documents. I have photo's of the donor car being stripped and also have the number plates can I get the Registration Document from DVLA or will I have to get another donor Registration or a Q plate. No rush still a lot to do before I will need number plates Kim
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