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  1. Thanks for the replies fomr everyone. Its a 5 speed, but I have been busy with work so have not had just to go look at it yet. I will get up my lock up at the weekend and have a look at it and find out what it is. I was thinking about fitting it in my hood, but the thought of taking the engine and gearbox out again just isn't very appealing at the moment. I was told it needs a new input shaft bearing and that is why it was taken out of my hood before i bought it. Ill post my findings at the weekend
  2. I have a spare type 9 gearbox that came with my robin hood when i bought it and was told by the previous owner that it was a close ratio box out of an old mk II escort rally car. I am not to familiar with gerboxes, so how can i tell if its close ratio or normal? I need to sell it but don't want somone buying it and finding out ive got it wrong. Any help would be appreciated Paul
  3. Thanks to everyone for the replies and suggestions. Thanks 'Musker 04' for the offer to come have a look, however i have finished uni and am now back living in St Albans(must chabe my details). I ran out of time at the weekend to look at anything so will have a better look this Saturday. Paul
  4. I have a problem with my 2b that occurs when i drive hard then come to a quick halt, ie coming off a motorway onto the sliproad. The engine revs drop rapidly and the car cuts out unless you quickly blip the throttle and catch it. It is rare that i can come to a stop and have the idle settle at 1000rpm which is where i have it set at the moment. If it doesn't cut out, its normally settles at around 750-800 rpm. Does anyone know what might possibly be causing this?
  5. Has anyone got a picture of one of these fitted to their car? If so, could they possibly post up a picture so i can see what they look like when on the car
  6. Yes they are still available, just not been on here recently. Will take some pics tommorow and post them up for you
  7. I still have these cycle wings for sale. Am having a clear out and have noticed they are the narrower ones rather than the wide. Anyway, £50 + Postage if anyone wants them. Paul
  8. Maybe it was 4 hoods i had been to the pub for some food and couple of drinks before you went past . There are some lovely roads up there though, once i get my bike carbs fitted and up and running ill definitely be taking a trip back there.
  9. I was having a walk round bakewell Sunday when 3 hoods and a yellow car, (not sure of make) rolled on by. All looked very smart and shiny, got a fair few looks off the people walking down the street aswell. Made me wish i had of taken mine with me
  10. paul091085

    2.0 Xe

    Yes, sorry it does indeed get louder with more throttle. Would a leaking ex manifold gasket cause it to make the sound when rev'd at stationary? Someone has also said check the intake gasket... I was going to change the sump gasket this weekend, as i have a small leak and you need to remove the exhaust manifold to get to it. so it will have a new ex gasket fitted.
  11. paul091085

    2.0 Xe

    Hi all, I hope you don't mind the question... I'm Paul's twin. He kindly posted the question for me! I really appreciate your help and advice!! Basically... The car is used for track days, its a dreaded Nova with a C20XE conversion. I was using the car everyday without hick-up, and i think I jinxed myself at the weeken when I said it'd never let me down... As Sunday night on my way back to Coventry where I work, it started to make an odd raspy sound as you accelerated (under load). I sounds like iron fillings or similar being poured through the intake... Then it started to missfire then died... After no luck trying to sort the problem, the AA trailored me home Where i wired uo the engine management light, and flashed off the fault codes. The part at fault was the Hall Effect Sensor. Replaced the Dizzy, and now there's not faults logged and the car runs and idles fine, it will rev when stationary fine, with now raspy sound... But, as soon as you drive it its there. Originally i thoguht it was pinking, but knock sensors and crank sensors are fine so should be. I didnt drive the car back as i didn't want to damage the engine. The exhaust is naturally raspy, but this is an odd new sound, so I know something is at fault! Any help and advice would really re appreciated!! Chris
  12. I was the same, mine would only go in the correct way. Not that i was trying to put it in the wrong way
  13. paul091085

    2.0 Xe

    Altho its not robin hood related as such, i know there are people on here that have this engine in their hoods. Basically, i have a 2.0 xe. The engine has no faults, idle is fine, revs fine when stationary, but when driven under load i get a raspy sound from under the bonnet, but it doesnt sound like pinking. Does anyone know what might be causing it? Paul
  14. paul091085

    Age Of Engine

    I am trying to find out the age of my engine and have looked at the chart on colin usher's web page, but mine says on the block 205 and the code is HH4. However, that number is not in the list on Colin's site. Am i reading the chart wrong or wrong number? Paul
  15. Thanks for the reply nigel. Managed to sort it now. Have bleed all the system as per your guidance and all seems ok. On average, how long should it take to get warm? From normal operating temperature (the letter 'R' on sierra dials) to the letter 'N' it akes about 5-6 minutes. Does that seem about right? This is all whilst the car is sitting still in the drive with bonnet closed.
  16. Went to my local motor factors on friday to get one of the thermostats, but tried fitting it 2day and it doesnt fit. Ive removed the baffle and cut off the mounting peg as per Northwest website. The only thing i can think of is that its not an actual Quinton Hazel one, but the guy assured me 100% that it is an exact match. Any one got any thoughts on what might be wrong??
  17. Finally got my hood back on the road after its wishbone conversion and have now done around 200 miles. Suspension handles fantastic compared to the sliding pillar, but my engine is running very warm and cuts out on occasions. If driving at normal speeds in a casual manner the temp stays fine, but when driving hard in any gear and especially in fifth, the temp rockets up. However, putting the fan on brings the temp down to the letter 'M' on the sierra guage. Nothing has changed since the conversion, so im a little confused?? In a possibly seperate issue, i have my idle at 1000rpm. The car ticks over lovely like this, but when i drive hard then come to a quick halt, the engine revs drop rapidly and the car cuts out unless you quickly blip the throttle and catch it. It is rare that i can come to a stop and have the idle settle at 1000rpm. If it doesn't cut out, its normally settles at around 750-800 rpm. What might possibly be causing this? Is there a chance these 2 issues are related? Paul
  18. I went to see Peter Baldwin with mine last year. He is a top guy and was good in explaining everything he was doing and all the adjustments he was making. Well worth every penny. Will be taking it back there again soon to get it setup after my winter mods.
  19. Still have these cycle wings for sale. Have checked and they are definitely 8 inch wide
  20. I am running 20 on rears the same as i was before, so it must be somthing to do with the new setup. Ive got the Gaz shocks now instead of the Zeemerides and mine are 3 clicks off the softest setting. The car is sitting lower at the rear than it was before and there is a larger amount of camber, so perhaps i need to raise it more or add some wedges?? As John says, if anyone has the answer please post it on here
  21. The front is better than the rear. It just feels a bit strange as the rear seems to jump/skip out when i hit any bumps or potholes. didnt get it when i had the old RH springs and shocks. Maybe it needs time to settle down and for me to get used to it
  22. I took it out yesterday for 5 mins and didnt notice any difference in the steering from right to left, it all seems as it should be and like Nigel said, i think i am unlikely to be able to tell the difference the way i drive it. Only thing i might do is change the springs as im not getting a lot of movement on the front or rear. what lb springs have people got on front and rears?? Paul
  23. I havn't really driven it yet. Since getting it back from GBSC ive been to the MOT centre, garage to get the suspension setup and the 5 miles to my lock up. I will have a drive next time im up there and see if its heavier turning one way or another. Can't say ive noticed it yet. Will be going down the garage to do some work on it tomoz so will put my comments on here after that Paul
  24. yeah, once you've taxed it online its then taxed and you can drive it. The tax disc normally takes upto 5 days
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