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  1. i am also planning on spending a week in newquay doing some surfing in the summer, i havn't got a date planned, but if a meet/karting/run out gets organised and no one minds me tagging along, id defs be up for it. There must be some good coastal roads to have a blast along...
  2. cheers for the replies, least i know theres nothing wrong, ill just have to be a bit more gentle with my right foot
  3. paul091085

    Fuel Economy

    Drove 150 miles from watford to stoke yesterday and on a full tank it ran out of petrol as i literally pulled into my road. How many miles should you get from a full tank of juice? as 150 miles doesnt seem a lot. I think i have the larger tank tank (is there a way of telling). Speed wise, i was doing 80 for most of the journey. Paul
  4. paul091085


    the compressor seems to still be working fine, so will keep an eye on those ebay ones and mount the next set higher up under the nose cone. cheers enforcer for the link
  5. paul091085


    enforcer, have you not had any trouble with those air horns when out in the wet? I had the same ones, in more or less the exact same position and after 3 hours on the motorway in the rain, mine have packed up!!
  6. paul091085

    Fog Light

    clicky Not sure how valid this page is, but the bit on fog lights says "REAR FOG LIGHT(S) Switch on the high-intensity red rear light(s) — your headlights need to be on dipped beam. If fitted, fog lights must work, so must the interior 'tell-tale' light on the instrument panel" I stand corrected
  7. paul091085

    Fog Light

    If you are needing to use a fog light, would you not already have the headlights on mainbeam?
  8. paul091085

    My Engine Rebuild

    like the exhaust guard, looks very smart. where did you get it done?
  9. found this game several months back, is great fun considering its free
  10. Thats an old one, remember that from year 7 or 8 at school!
  11. I think average speed cameras are the way to go on larger roads. keeps people at a constant speed which should help traffic flow and like Stu says, you get none of the sudden breaking when people see a speed camera at the side of the road.
  12. Just phoned fords parts centre to find out how much a rear wheel bearing would be and i was quoted £63!!! Don't know whether he looked up the wrong part, but how much should it be for a wheel bearing?
  13. Thinking about getting a cb radio fitted in my hood when i re-do the interior and my next door neighbour has one of these which he says i can have. linky (this the the best pic i can find on the unit) Is this radio anygood, i dont want to go spend money on another one, if this one will do what i want
  14. Totally different car, but i had a similar problem with a ford orion that i had. Started losing water and gradually got worse, but with nothing drippping when the car was switched off and standing still. Turned out to be the water pump o-ring. might be worth checking....
  15. 11.175. extremely addictive, just wasted atleast 30mins
  16. I tell you what lads, this swiss horn playing is harder than it looks!
  17. I carpeted my interior last winter using black carpet that is usually used on speaker enclosures. It looked nice to start with, but soon started to wear thin as things rubbed up against it and looks tacky now. What sort of carpet do people use, and where do they get it from. I was thinking of somthing with a rubber type backing, hoping it mite last a bit longer....
  18. i used one of these on my pinto linky my one was for a pinto and works fine. not sure if thats the sort of thing ud be after, but is a simple way of doing it. Ud have to check that they do one for rover engine
  19. paul091085


    rally cars fit sump guards, suppose you could give that a go. not sure what thickness metal you would need though
  20. Wearing a thicker jacket, that way there shudn't be enough strap to hit you. If its summer, then just tuck them behind the strap
  21. how far/long is the trip down to le mans? thinking about going, but can't make up my mind at the moment. Is anyone planning on travelling down on the wednesday or thursday?
  22. have a look on the main page for the gingerfix advert. he may do jobs like this
  23. paul091085


    had mine bored out to a 2.1 and with a 32/36 weber and standard head, i got 125bhp. Which gives similar gains in power to that of changing the cam going on what salty said earlier. Also, the advantage of having the engine bored out now, is that you then don't have to remove the engine from the car again at a later stage. just my opinion anyway
  24. Don't know if this is of interest to anyone, but if there are any members that live near watford in hertfordshire, there is an MOT centre that does MOT's for £30 with free re-test providing its done within 2 weeks.
  25. id have to agree with Tom as well. i got 3 points after doing 44 in a 40. was in an area i didnt know, looking for a road and didnt see a forward facing camera. Its my own fault for not concentrating, but id be a little bit p**ed off ive i got more points because i was only 19 at the time!
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