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  1. I have a set of stainless steel pinto flanges if you want to gp the way of making your own.
  2. Laserman

    Laser Man

    Hi, sorry I have been a bit pre-occupied lately. I have cleared my mail box if you wish to contact me. Cheers, Martin
  3. Laserman


    Hi everyone, sorry I have been away in Scotland for a few days, walking off the xmas dinner. PS I have cleared out my inbox.
  4. Thanks for the plug Dave. I have several brackets available if anyone is interested.
  5. Hi Mitch, sorry, I am still a Virgin when it comes to posting messages. I can make the plates, as I said I would need a template or drawing to work from. I can cut Stainless to 12mm thick or Mild Steel to 15mm.
  6. Hi, I can make a plate to mate to the cylinder head, I would need a pattern to work from.
  7. Laserman


    If Airfix or anyone made 'Lotus 7' Kit, I'd probably get one and convert it/paint it to look like my Sub K, but alas I dont think they ever made one? Unless anyone knows otherwise? Ho Hum.... Tamiya make a 1:24 scale series 2 and they also do a couple of 1:12 scale models of the Caterham but I have only seen these available from imported sources.
  8. I may be able to help, I have a quantity of 4 & 5mm polycarbonate. If you let me have the dimesions I can cut it to size on the Laser.
  9. Glad to be of service
  10. It can be done Dave!!!
  11. Hi Phil, the supports look great. Did you have much difficulty in getting them bent to the right shape?
  12. I plan to use all photos sent to me
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