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  1. Thanks AWhite - do you know which company they're from?? Who makes them I mean? Cheers!
  2. Quick question for everyone then, say I want to keep the 14" wheel size as the Sierra, and the same tyres, does anyone know where to get a nice set of alloys that will fit the Sierra hubs? Have spoken to a couple of wheel and tyre fitters near me and they all say the Sierra hubs are tricky to find wheels for.... any ideas?
  3. Hello nice people Having troubles with vibration on my cycle wings, and specifically how to stop the screws all loosening up. One in particular doesnt seem to want to play. Got rid of the self tapper that came with the car and drilled and tapped to get a perfect fixing, but alas still too much vibration - can anyone tell me how the hell to stop this problem before the wheelarches actually shatter?? Diagram attached of what i;m on about... Cheers!
  4. Noticed the other day that my lovely turn-key 2b has a few rusty spots here and there, so bought touch-up stuff to keep paintwork lovely.... ...and then I woke up this morning and realised that it's not only the panels that are mild steel, but the spaceframe too! So I've decided that Waxoyl and associated stuff are the order of the day... but not having actually built the 2b I have no idea really how the panels go together, and therefore where likely rusty bits will start. Obviously the underside and wheelarches will be a killer, but having read earlier posts I understand that water can creep inside the panels and eat away the spaceframe.... So tell me gents, where do I apply this stuff to keep this monster healthy? Having fought for years with Minis I really want to catch this evil tinworm before it gets a hold. Thanks for any advice Darky
  5. Go on then , be specific, recommend me some shocks that won;t break the bank but are fabulously good value! Darky
  6. This is very interesting as I reckon I've got the same set up as this and I would say the ride is harsh and the steering likes to point me, well, everywhere every time I hit a bump. A friend recommended upgrading to decent adjustable shocks, gaz or similar... Dont want to start faffing with springs as ride height and everything else ok - can I just do a straight swap? Also while we're on the suspension subject, can I do anything to stop the back end feeling so twitchy? Negative camber on rear wheels for example??? Cheers boys Darky
  7. Do you mean the bolt pattern on the existing manifold? I have the manifold that the DGAV was coupled with originally.... big Jim said I should fit that too? Ta
  8. What about this carb needle issue? If I can't find a blocked filter and the timing's all ok and I put this 32/36 DGAV carb on, it'll still run lean due to the sports air filter, thus costing me performance still. Any solutions? I'm hoping no-one will say "rolling road"... ;-)
  9. When I say the performance is not up to much, i mean it - runs rough and revs up to about 3,500 and then stops - won;t pull at all in 5th gear.... It really is poo.
  10. Hi I posted a little while ago about my underpowered 2b and thought I'd update on progress! As suggested, removed pancake air filter, made no improvement except a very weak mixture and a breakdown where a piece of brick went in the carb! A mechanic friend of mine suggested that maybe when the gent who built the car replaced the cambelt and got it a tooth out? Just to jog memories, this is a 1.6 pinto... anyone know if this is likely??? Seen it done before??? Also as Big Jim suggested, went on ebay and purchased 2nd hand 32/36 DGAV carb, but before I fit it, there is something important i need to clear up - these carbs are fixed jet, correct? Therefore by whacking any sort of performance filter on it I am leaning out the mixture considerably - so, the big question is: Should I be fitting a different needle, and if so, which one???? Thanks for your advice on this fellas, very gratefully received! Darky
  11. I ticked the "no publicity" box on my electoral form and it seems to have worked. This I am glad of. What about these tax discs then? Anyone had one nicked?
  12. Thanks for all this fellas, seeing as you mentioned about parking ticket theivage, a lot of car parks round here have those things one where you have to tap in your reg plate... if I can't get in one of these car parks i scribble my reg plate under the numbers on the ticket itself. Probably a reasonably effective deterrent? Speaking of which, should I purchase one of those locking tax disc holders - anybody ever had one pinched? Cheers!
  13. Hi fellas Can anyone recommend a decent reliable alarm and immobiliser that is suitable for 2b's and won't break the bank? Have read previous posts about this topic but wondered if anyone had a definite answer??? Cheers! Lenny
  14. Not sure if the last message posted, so I'll try it this way instead: http://www.joeybrown.co.uk/pages3/tunnel.html second pic from bottom. I believe this is what I'm on about. Thanks Jim Darksphere
  15. Having read all that about the difficulty of fit I might leave it for a while - I assume the weber twin choke mentioned above will be an improvement regardless of what exhast system is fitted? Also Big Jim said to enquire about this steering column bracket - any ideas about an improvement over the RHE part? I don't really want to have it break and shear into my leg every 5 minutes... Cheers!
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