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  1. Just make sure you get a ticket for the paddock, far more interesting than the racing at the classic. When we went in 2010 the ACO weren't selling the to the great unwashed like us but an ACO member can have 6 paddock tickets and 6 entry tickets. We clubbed together and one of us joined the ACO and it was cheaper than buying the tickets seperately even including dividing the membership cost.
  2. Some parts of Europe require you to change to winter tyres but I don't know if France included or not, Might be worth checking before spending beer tokens.
  3. Not unusual in the golden years of Boreham to see a car out with different number plates front and back, just down to preparation tome or lack thereof.
  4. A quick spray of brake cleaner should do it, followed by a quick wipe before it dries.
  5. I've managed to get Sparco Sprints into my 3A, only just but they do go in and out, carefull.
  6. Surely you got that the wrong way round didn't Brian Johnson ask Kenny for his autograph
  7. Yes, that is something like I was thinking of. Thanks
  8. I have no experience of the sub k but I just wonder if the mounts are on that way for a reason? I would first check the dimensions of the basic frame, diagonals etc, to make sure it is straight before cutting anything off. If the frame checks out OK then start thinking about getting the pick up points even. Hope that helps.
  9. Back to the drawing board! I hadn't really thought this through.
  10. My pennies won't run to a car lift but has anybody else thought about or even done their own version using farm jacks like these: http://www.sgs-engineering.com/hydraulic-jacks/farm-jacks/rj60-farm-jack I can't see why it wouldn't work with some cross pieces and channel to run the car on. I know it would be a bit of a pain getting it up but I'd only intend to use it for major work underneath the Hood, my tintop doesn't fit into my garage! At £150 for 4 jacks I just keep getting tempted. Sorry if I'm hijacking the thread.
  11. I haven't driven in Belgium for years so can't comment on there, but in France once away from the main cities and towns driving is a pleasure, really hard to find any traffic.
  12. Can't help with route but just make sure you have beam deflectors, spare bulb set, yellow jacket for each person, triangle, extinguisher, breathalyser (maybe law in France - who knows!), all your documents (V5, MOT, insurance certificate etc all have to be with you in France), SATNAV doesn't have Speed Cameras on only "hazard Areas". In France a sign with place name on also indicates urban speed limit. breakdown cover and enjoy. Just remember their alcoho; limit is lower than ours.
  13. Try these http://www.gsparkplug.com/shop/plug-leads-conectors-ht-lead.html
  14. Not quite as good a deal as they were a few years ago, when they threw in some tools, but mine as served me well for several years: https://www.aldi.co.uk/en/specialbuys/thursday-13th-march/product-detail/ps/p/25hp-air-compressor/
  15. When do you get to take the stabalizers off the back?
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