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  1. Now sold and gone to Birmingham "Breathed on" MGB arriving next weekend... wife likes it !
  2. I have always found them helpful and good to their word. Mind you I have only ever ordered by speaking to Richard or Keith .. even then they may need chasing a bit.
  3. I did for the (then) SVA to cover 205 tyres.. never took them off. They are self adhesive and were availabe in black ABS or chrome. BUT can't remeber where I bought them ...
  4. Mine is for sale ... looking for more than £1,000 but open to offers ... look in for sale on here
  5. Not in the original advert .... but Offers considered on this .... quite keen to sell now I have seen a potential replacement
  6. RH Series Three (New Three). SVA 2008 (sorry error on the topic tag), 2.0 litre Pinto, 5 Spd Gearbox. Gaz adjustables on rear, new full set Smiths clocks, richfield (??) seats (not fitted), Tiger Racing short sump, 1,300 miles since build, tonneau, current MOT. Wife won't go in it .. so want an MG. £3,500
  7. Yes I agree snapperpaul .. I have had some unusual bendings and flexings around the rear end (now welded and strengthened) .. just not in the "usual" suspension mounting points.
  8. Sorry Big Jim ... but I beg to differ. I agree that the 3 / 3A were not designed for the SVA but the new three is a different car to a series three or 3A. Not many were made. Graham Holdway (Gingerfix) worked on my car for a couple of saturdays during the build up and he also worked with Richard Stewart at Robin Hood when the model was being developed and launched (around about 1999/2000 I think) ... as a series three with some modifications to pass the SVA test. Mine did so with no modifications or extra strengthening. The roll cage (which is 2" diameter) mounts differently to series three cars as does the rear suspension (actually into the bottom of the roll cage). There is a cross bar to which the seatbelts mount. As far as I can see the front suspension / wishbone setup is entirely bespoke i.e no Sierra parts (although upright and hub is Sierra) .. . The only regular contributor with a new three that I have seen on here is longboarder .. I suspect that he will be far more knowledgeable than me on the precise details of the setup.
  9. I have the same issue on the rear wings of my series three
  10. mikea

    Ford Sierra

    Have you tried this outfit ? http://www.oldpartstore.net/
  11. Perhaps it got stuck on the beach at Southend
  12. In my teenage years I had a spitfire ... wire wheels .. but with one wrongly handed centre spline ... so I found out having stopped at traffic lights when one front wheel didnt .. knocked a motorcyclist over .. he was not best pleased and I had to buy him a new exhaust .. down to the scrappy next day .. replacement correctly handed centre spline acquired !
  13. mmmm thanks for the replies. I have been jacking under the diff ... this could be part of the the problem but it seems like the pressure has been the other way. Nigel,my roll cage is welded to plates bolted to the side panels with coil overs bolting into the bottom of the cage .. as per yours (i think) BUT .. the half box section welded to the side panel (also forms the arm rest bit either side of the cockpit further forward) has been bent out of shape as the boot floor has been pulled upwards at each side as a result of the upward pressure from te coilover/roll cage mounts. I wonder if something else has come adrift .. IWill be stripping out the trim (again) later this week prior to a trip to the welders .. so will post some pictures. I would welcome some thoughts on the best way to strengthen.
  14. Now found a local engineering company who can help with the welding .. are there any new three owners who have strengthened their car in this area? Some pointers on where to start would be useful.
  15. runcorn cheshire .. Thanks for the reply .. would not be happy driving to Ruthin with car in present state
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