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  1. Hi Lee we will be down on Fri, Steve off so will be there early to set up and I'm coming after work, there is a pub nearby called The Swan at Bucklow Hill, think its a brewers fare or something like, we have been there a couple of times and the food is good. See you Fri Laura.
  2. Hi Simon, Still not found the watch! We had the same thought on the way back about the theme for next year,can think of a few friar Tucks and I think all ladies need to dress up as wenches serving mead and ale from big jugs. If were really creative we could even have a mini sherwood forest. Laura
  3. What were you looking at on your phone in the pub then!
  4. He was secretly on his phone whilst in the pub drinking beer and wine ! Say no more!
  5. laurahj


    Only one Chris surely not!! We'll be taking magic glasses too ! I might manage a half Looking forward to the start of kit car season, trailer tent nearly packed.See you all on Sat eve, Steve working all day Sat so save us a good spot ! Looking forward to the ale Alan. Laura n Steve
  6. laurahj

    Peaks Run Out

    Hi Adrian, We met near Holmes Chapel,then went to Macclesfield (Cheshire), Whaley Bridge ,Castleton then stopping at Eyam, then through Hathersage x 2 so we could hit South Yorkshire before heading back to Bakewell on the way then to Tissington where we stopped for coffee (all Derbyshire) before heading towards Ilam and then crossing the Staffordshire border to drive back to the edge of Buxton and then over the Cat and Fiddle towards Macclesfield where we all then went our separate ways, sure Steve will say I'm wrong!! Laura
  7. I've been allowed to buy a couple of boxes of wine for the ladies, reminds me of the Castlemaine xxxx ad when the bottle of sherry collapses the trailer that is full of beer !!!!! and the blokes think they've overdone the sherry! . As long as your wife drinks red or rose Ian that will keep her sweet on sunday night whilst you try the lovely real ale (thanks to Alan) Looking forward to a great weekend with good company, just hope it's not frosty again on Sunday morning but just incase taking a gas heater and quilt as well as sleeping bag Hopefully Steve will have quiet night at wo
  8. Mitch, Where and When ?? or have I missed something? Info sounds good.
  9. Hi We are going down on saturday to set up with caravan and will be putting up the big awning,this is so that there is somewhere to sit in the evenings for those mad enough to be camping over, Steve has even bought a heater to keep us warm! I will get some tea and coffee supplies to have during the day for those that don't want to pay huge show rates but you might have to brew up yourself. Looking forward to the first show of the season and meeting everyone both new and old. Laura and Steve Johnston
  10. laurahj


    Hi, We are taking the caravan and will be putting up the full awning so that there is somewhere to sit in the evening for those of us that are camping, Steve has just bought a heater so hopefully it will be lovely and warm. Stephen Altwasser is taking his teardrop caravan aswell. There are toilets and showers or there were last year and I can't remember paying last year so it may be free to stay. Just remember to wrap up warm if camping and remember to bring sleeping bags unlike one of the campers last year who forgot his! Look forward to seeing those of you who will be staying over L
  11. Hi Phil, Site looks ok , all the pics loaded quickly and were easy to view. I think you could sell yourself more on your home page and make your self sound even better. I didn't realise there was sound, but agree with Matt, I would turn it off How about .... Welcome to Phil Shelton Property Maintenance ( PSPM). Based in Leicester and operating predominantly in the south of the county. I provide a high standard of finish to my work by refusing to compromise on materials or craftmanship. I pride myself on being honest, professional and reliable and upon request can provide recommend
  12. Good job I bank with Natwest then! Only thing is I've copped for the beer and wine bill !! Laura X
  13. laurahj


    Good Luck Laurahj
  14. laurahj


    Hi Ian and Carole, Picking up the 'shed' tomorrow eve from storage to give it the once over We are planning to leave late morning/dinner time on Saturday once wev'e dropped George at the kennels so hopefully will be with you late afternoon. Will bring plenty of supplies ie WINE , BEER. Looking forward to our first trip to Detling and meeting everyone again. The Boss is doing his last night tonight ready for one of his long breaks! See you soon Laura J
  15. Must be some man if he can manage a whole 5 mins even if it did involve a volvo stu Laura J
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