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  1. OllyT83


    I always use methylated spirits to clean the track surfaces. It does a great job of cleaning the tarnished surfaces and leaves no mess, and is simple to try before using more drastic measures. Certainly older sections of track were tin plated, I have many that unfortunately now are useless as they have big rust patches on them. I would deffinately steer clear of using any sort of abrasive on them. Olly
  2. Could RHSC not offer you the GAZ shocks? I have been trying for months to get a set from them to go with my kit but if they couldn't supply you with them I guess I'll have to give up and take the hit of the unsubsidised price. Thankfully I don't think they have billed me for them yet.
  3. I have just got back from working in Israel for two weeks and that is little more than the average daily commute there! I honestly did not see one car without a major dent or scratch in it.
  4. I am about to fit mine and have found a small plate in the kit with two holes in that match those in the passenger side of the chassis. I am assuming that this is what it is intended for and will bolt it down onto the rack. Then the U-bolt in the kit should fit the drviers side.
  5. OllyT83

    Coil Overs

    Thanks, Shockers are now ordered and should get them in 2 weeks!
  6. OllyT83

    Coil Overs

    Having had my 2B kit for 3 months now but still not having recieved the coilovers I decided to chase them up. RH sent me this: Is this a good deal? I guess I don't have much choice as shocks are really the only thing I need!
  7. How have people fixed the under floor strengthening/handbrake angle to the chassis? I have a 2B kit but the videos don't appear to say much about it. Also should I wait until I get the seats in to do this to try and match up the mounting holes? Any help much appreciated, Cheers, Olly
  8. OllyT83

    Tfi Unit

    Cheers, That's definately the same as the on that I have but it only has 3 conections where the wiring diagram shows 6? Does anyone know how well the Haynes wiring diagram should be trusted? If I follow it exactly ignoring the colours and positions of the wires currently in my ECU should I expect everything to work? Aslo what else plugs into the ECU? I appear to have about 10 more wires coming out of the ECU bundle that I have that I don't know where are meant to go yet. Olly
  9. OllyT83

    Tfi Unit

    The TFI unit RH have given me with the ECU for my EFI only has three wires coming from it but the haynes manual shows there should be six. Is this the wrong type of EFI unit or not even a TFI unit at all? It is a black platic motocraft box stuck on a steel plate?
  10. OllyT83

    2.0 Efi Help

    RHSC finally came through, with no warning an ecu and tfi unit appeared in the post yeterday. Now I simply have the joyfull task of splicing and extending all the wires! As far as everything else goes to make my EFI run, what do I need? I have a 1.8 CVH doner and know that I will have to get a fuel pump and swirl pot. Out of intrest, for simplicity in getting my car on the road (although that is a long long way off) would it be possible to get hold of a 2l inlet manifold and then just use the carb from the CVH and all associated parts simply transplanted from the doner?
  11. OllyT83

    2.0 Efi Help

    Thanks for all the help and advice. I have just rung RH and they have told me that they can give me an ecu but I'm not convinced I'm going to be able to get all the bits that are missing like the TFI module. I am waiting on them to get back to me with confirmation that I can get all the bits I need. Hopefully my engine will run when I have all the parts. I was assured by RH that it would although the plugs in it look less than pleasing covered in a thick black sludge.
  12. OllyT83

    2.0 Efi Help

    I have just collected a 2B Plus kit and with it I purchaced a 2l EFI engine from the guys at Robin Hood. The problem is the engine bay loom has been cut and I don't have the engine management system. Ideally I do want to use the injection system but don't know the best way of getting hold of those components for a reasonable price. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do?
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