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  1. Boss now sold Will post it 1st thing Thursday morning. Cheers Ian
  3. For sale my Sealey 1 ton Engine Hoist , used twice. £60.00 buyer to pick up 1 mile off J25 M6.
  4. All Well my car has finally gone. I trailered it down to Lymington yesterday (Thursday) in some of the worst wettest weather I've ever had the mis-fortune of driving in. The waterproof cover exploded around Birmingham thanks to the cross winds and some toerag nicked the tax disc at the services just before Lymington. Fortunately the sun shone for an hour and she dried out nicely. 500 mile round trip was a bit exhausting to say the least. The fella who has bought it (Simon) lives on the Isle of Wight and apparently knows two other Hood owners, one running and one building.They may be club members. I see an Isle of Wight Rally coming in the future. I've pointed him towards the club and hope he joins, seems a real genuine bloke. We'll miss the car and as soon as we move house, assuming I can get a decent garage I'll be buying another, may even build my own this time. If anyone needs a trailer to move their car I can strongly recommend Trailscot in Wigan, they're trailer is a cracker at £55 + Vat. Good luck everyone and thanks for everyones halp. Cheers Ian
  5. Wheels & Box now gone. Cheers all Ian
  6. Mitch I know I could scrap them but would rather give anyone who may already have a set the chance of getting some spares or even 1 if they only wanted 1. By the way Dave castles having the gearbox. Cheers Ian
  7. Gone, sold, finished, done,not available. Thanks Ian
  8. Hi all I've put my 2B on EBAY if anyones interested or wants to make an offer. I am not expecting a fortune for it but it is now a reasonable car & has bags of potential for anyone who hasn't got the time to do a full build. I simply can not find the time to use it so its better going to someone who would appreciate it. 2000cc Pinto 205 block with Piper fast road cam and Bestek programmable electronic ignition. New alternator & battery. Shortened sump. New Tyres Halogen headlamps New tyres Steering column bearing upgrade to roller bearing. Previous owner fitted new front discs and pads. Item no' is 290138049190 Cheers Ian
  9. Tony Ta for that, I'll get one ordered a.s.a.p. Cheers Ian
  10. Tony I'm impressed, think I'll have meself one. Have you got a link to Marine Bazars website if it exists and what the part number is etc ? Ta Cheerio Ian
  11. jcb1300

    Wheel Nut

    Brian Just a note; if the nuts I dropped off were not really what you were looking for then you can buy a set of 16 from here for only a tenner http://www.kitpartsdirect.com/page15.htm Dunno what you will do with the other 14 though. Cheers Ian
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