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  1. The years have flown by Rest well Mark
  2. It went for £770 in the end , so hopefully the new buyer shouldnt feel ripped off as its probably worth that in parts
  3. New message from: justiminne0 (84) I don't really give a s*** of what you say so go and pass to someone else you idiot my reply .....................
  4. sounds like a plan .......
  5. No It will need an IVA to be used on the road..................... he states it hasnt been SVA'd so infact its just another unbuilt kit car with on the face of it a single donor car and going for an age related plate when IVA'd Plus................... if you can't even load pictures in the correct orientation on ebay ( a pet hate of mine !!) then your not to be trusted lol
  6. zoomzoom


    . and he is a bit shorter than me and the seat is fixed . opps thats a testable item , seat must be adjustable
  7. DfT aren't as bad as people make out ........................ well ok they are but they do try Err I should know
  8. Well its back on the road after almost 25 years sat in a barn slowly rotting :-)
  9. Wow so happy you live to polish another day, I did wonder why the share price had dropped on autosol but I'm so glad it's on the rise again Get well soon and love from us here mate
  10. Hi , I'd just thought I'd tell you all about one of my projects. It's a Jensen Healey 1974 vintage that's sat in a barn unloved since 93 As you can imagine it's just one long welding nightmare but I'm getting better at it as time goes on. The top half of the engine was in the boot disassembled and it lived outside without a hood or any type of cover for the last two years As it is I've removed the interior and have replaced the passenger side floor and have to drivers side to do Pictures to follow if I can remember how to post them here lol. So anyone with experience on these cars is more than welcome to " let me know where I'm going wrong " lol
  11. I've been to the main race for a few years now , usually have a table at the café dè Paris and watch the race from there but I can't go this year as its only a week before my wedding . So decided to go to the classic race instead as its a few weeks earlier and have it as part of my stag night
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