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    My Current progect is gaining my PPL. I am being taught to fly by a friend in return for building his kit plane with him (Yeap a real plane!). Need to keep myself busy and my mind active.
  1. I agree, I went back to crash site today, to have a look in the day light. I was braking a lot earlier than i remember, I had stopped braking just before i turned in towards the apex. The hole in the hedge lines up with the left side of road. The car didnt change heading by more than 10degs, before tires gave up grip and allowed me to hit tree. The damage on car dosn't look as bad as it did at night, just a little bend in chassis, to repair, then replace the GRP.
  2. I wondered when pictures would be asked for, I will try and post some once i have taken them, plan to do that in the morning. Thanks for all your knid thoughts
  3. 22:45hrs on 17th Nov 2005 - I'll remember that date for quite sometime! :boohoo: The Day I got up close and personal with a verge & Tree. Head-on to be precise! :boohoo: I type this with a stiff neck & shoulders. The Damage:- Nose cone U/S, Both Bottom Wishbones bent, Rack is a strange shape, Cycle wings & brackets a little twisted, Front near side Chassis Corner redesigned (pushed back and up by 3 inches) That’s the tip of the iceberg i fear! I must state i was not driving fast at the time, was aware the conditions were icy, so driving accordingly, on a roa
  4. I bought one of the mini camaras from ebay, great little gadget, i havn't played with it yet, but am planning on some in / out of car filming.
  5. I have Toyo Proxes T1S 195-50-R15 85V on mine, they are fanflipintastic, they very sticky in the dry and almost as sticky in the wet. They have the looks as well, I have done 10,000 miles on the rear before replacing and still have the fronts on with 6mm left i have done 13,000 approx miles now, I paid £40 all in per corner. These tyres are the tyres fitted as standard on the TVRs as they leave the factory.
  6. jwaterman

    Header Tank

    I thought i would visit my scrappy today just on the off chance they may have a volvo with a cap on. as luck would have it there were 2 340's there, both with the correct cap and 1 was nearly new. so a quid later i was on my way home to sort the car out with both, one as a back up. cheers all for your help john
  7. cheers bob i will start looking on ebay. were there any white gauges on there? I do like your dash layout. I remember looking at yours with interest when i saw your car at the park hotel. Its a great shame i was unable to come on the last few meets this year, with car out of action and my flying lessons my time has been full, i hope to get the car back on the road this week, i have the tax, i have missed her something rotten. The brand new Vulcan engine i hope will impress me, after such a wait and cost. but she looks good with twin webers, the oil cooler and shinny new paint.
  8. jwaterman

    Header Tank

    well guys i have to say you have all come up top trumps for me today. I thank you all very much for your help and advice, i will go to the volvo dealer tomorrow and get the one i require. I may go for the 100Kpa just to help keep things a little cooler, but i must say i never had any over heatong problems with the 75Kpa one. I know now what car the cap came off so that helps now end and the part number and price, what more can a chap want. I will be zipping around the norfolk lanes before long, watch out Bob here i come. once again a big THANK YOU. john
  9. jwaterman

    Header Tank

    the cap is a black screw on cap with VOLVO & 75Kpa embossed on it. I have tried all my local and larger motorfactors, no joy, even Volvo no use. Terry yes sound like the one, are the valves in a brass disc? john
  10. Hi All, I am feed up with my current dash board configuration, Its the standard sierra cluster etc. I am thinking of spending some of my years bonus on a decent dashboard. I would like to purchase a complete set of instruments, anyone know of any great deals going at the moment? Can anyone recommend a good manufacturer. I particularly like the brushed alli bezel with the white / cream dial and red needles. What are the best electrical speedo? Any good/bad types of sensor applications?The instruments i am thinking on including are Electrical Speedo, Rev counter, Oil Press and temp c
  11. jwaterman

    Header Tank

    hi all, I have a problem, I have fitted my new vulcan engine, had it running, 20 mins into running her up the alternator gives up, so have replaced that, Now i come to drive her and before i even get out of the garage i realise the cooling system isn't getting up to pressure, :gdit: will i ever get to drive my new 160BHP robin hood, GRRRRRRR. :boohoo: the header tank i have fitted at the moment is off a volvo 740, a nice compact cylinderical unit, fitted on the bulkhead above the rocker cover. When i fitted it first time around the original 740 cap had a pressure of 125kpa (18psi o
  12. John I have just finished installing my new vulcan engine, with twin 40's, i went for the twin cable system you are talking about. But i havn't used the two cable supplied in the kit along with the pedal adaptor. I was told that the only real need for 2 cables is for the rally boys who raz about the forest in there mkII escorts. These boys have very heavy feet and tend to brake there throttle cablesthe second cable is only a back up. all road cars have 1 cable so why do we need 2??? it only adds weight, and in true hoodie fashion every ounce counts!!! so what i have done is
  13. steve1506 I have a lightened flywheel up for grabs, its a standard flywheel with half its weight removed, standard clutch fitts it ok. pm me if interested john
  14. I was running a FR32 cam kit on a standard 2ltr carb head, which was skimmed by 50thou. had a lightened flywheel and 32/36 DGAV. The engine was very responsive, good torque through all the gears. its a good idea to have a vernier cam pulley. I have know fitted a Vulcan 160hp engine to my car this last few weeks, its got a FR33 cam fitted to this. First impressions are very good, it idles well to, but i must say that it has a standard flywheel, recomended by vulcan. Good torque to but i have to say you do need to rev it a little more but i am restricted to 4500rpm while running in. I
  15. cheers guys, thanks for your help, will have a closer look at the weekend, I am using some special high pressure oil pipe for connection to engine. The thermoblock connector which connects between oil filter and block has a thermosat in it and it will only allow oil to pass through it when the temp reaches 80 degrees C. I was looking at putting the oil cooler behind the radiator in front of the engine, loads of space there. The oil will be running far hotter than the radiator so warm air fromn the rad will still help to keep the oil cool. The ducting i have in front of the radiator wo
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