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  1. NOW SOLD. Thanks for all of the interest expressed. Regards Q
  2. Hi Matt, Photos sent directly in reply to your email. Best Regards Colin
  3. NOW SOLD, Thanks. Hi Guys, 4 off Vauxhall hub alloy wheels with good tyres (all over 6mm tread) 195/50 x 15".......£60. It's a shame they're not a Ford fit but at £60 the tyres are worth this on their own. Best Regards Colin
  4. Bumped ttt to highlight the price reduction. Regards Colin Steer 017687 74536 colin(at)csrestorations.co.uk
  5. Now SOLD. Thanks for your interest. Regards Colin Hi Guys, Sadly, due to changed circumstances and priorities I am offering my partbuilt 2B for sale. It is a mild steel/SS panel/Red grp wishbone version. I bought it from a friend who didn't have the time to complete it and I now find myself in the same situation. Floorpan, Suspension, 205 block 2.0 EFi, gearbox and diff. are fitted and most of the donor parts are included along with a radiator, spare windscreen, new discs and pads plus all the usual kit parts and panels. £1200 The car is located in Keswick, Cumbria. Be
  6. Hi, I had all these considerations when I moved my part built from Herts. to Cumbria. Simple really, use a trailer. Q
  7. Carpet is great when kneeling down to work on the car (bike) but it retains a huge amount of dust, pine needles, leaves and other sh*te that blows in under the door. After many years of "carpeted" work I have now painted the garage floor to stop the concrete "dusting" issue and just use odd lumps of carpet for kneeling and to catch the oil drips etc. iI's much easier to sweep the floor and keep it clean and if the car (bike) is wet then I just turn on the radiator to dry things out. Have to be careful not to overheat the wine stash though. Regards Q
  8. I'd be up for the social bit at some stage over the w/e, could probably do tea and biscuits at some stage if needed. I am also committed to a VMCC do either Sat. or Sun., not sure which day to do yet. Best Regards Q PS, Can also offer a number of pre-printed routes for scenic runs around the Lakes.
  9. Thanks Graham, I'll drop you a pm with contact details. Sorry for the delayed response but my son got married yesterday afternoon and we've been up to our ears in beer, even the back teeth were underwater! Talking about the "new" technology of DVD's, we have retained a VHS recorder for transferring "legacy" tape stuff to DVD. So, if I can get a complete set of tapes then these can be readily reproduced on DVD (copyright willing) for any sad souls like me who still need to view them, if only for comedy purposes. Best Regards Colin
  10. Hi Graham, I could do with at least one of the tapes. My good lady managed to record Neighbours over the first half of tape B (I think, I'd have to check). Unless of course someone has a spare set of DVD's or copies? Regards Colin
  11. Quantox

    Classic Meet

    Whatever happened to punctuation for goodness sake? This is pretending to be all ONE sentence!!! and never mind the total avoidance of of any attempt at correct spelling. Sic transit gloria mundi FFS, get a grip. Q
  12. Just got 442.58 and didn't get any interesting bits !!!!!!!!!! Quantox
  13. [it's not the braid that stops the bulging & loss of pressure though, it's what's inside them. Just cause it looks pretty doesn't mean it's good. Hi Dan, Thanks for agreeing with me. That's what I said, or at the very least, implied. Typically, "braided" hoses are cored with a ptfe or similar thermoset plastic hose that doesn't deform under pressure. Generically, as I'm sure you're aware, this type of hose is described as "braided". In most peoples eyes the description refers to the hose type rather than just a pretty exterior. Next week I'll teach my Gran how to suck
  14. Hi Dan, I agree with this comment if you are comparing them to a metal line but when you replace an old flexible hose with a new braided (ptfe ? cored) hose you can certainly feel the difference on a bike. In fact you can see a 20 year old flexible hose bulge ominously under pressure from a hand gripped m/c on a bike. Of course, sat in a car you can't see the hoses when you hit the brakes. My build will certainly have an upgrade on the flexible hoses and the originals will go straight in the bin. Best Regards Colin
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