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    I am a Computer Analyst by trade but have purchased a 2b plus about a year ago but not got very far seem to come up with problem after problem.
  1. Well Frimley, Surrey actually. very close to Farnborough!
  2. It does it looks exactly like that! What would be the next step the Videos seem to be all over the place and not in any specific order? has someone written a steps guide to show what order things should be done in?
  3. It is a robin hood 2b plus I have now done front and rear suspension so now have a rolling chasis. I think just asking for support maybe a problem I feel I would need far too much help and that I would get very annoying to members very quickly. I shall PM my contact details to you!
  4. Does anyone know someone who maybe able to build my car for me I have had it for a few years now and just don't have the time to progress the build. I will obviously pay the going rate. Either take the kit away and finish or build with me in my garage (very limited space). I'm in the Farnborough area. Thanks in advance. Ashley Banks
  5. picked up 2 front discs from camberly auto factors £35 thats ok I guess. also picked up front and rear disks and pads for my car as it went in for a service and audi were gonna charge £530 paid £153 for the lot will fit them on the weekend and measure them to see if they actually do need replacing. Thanks for all your help guys! once the engine is in I shall take some more photos and put them on the site and let you know if thats ok? Thanks Ashley
  6. looks like a shopping trip on the old interweb then try and find a couple of discs. I've also been buying bolts that when the nut washer and spring washer are on are left flush with no thread showing through. So this is not a good option will the SVA bloke throw his toys out the pram for this? are nylock nuts preferable to spring washers?
  7. I had a nightmare with the company I used to powder coat all my stuff that didn't cover anything I had to borrow a tap of mat_d_rat to clear out the thread for the upper wishbone ball joint. The rubber seal on the lower wishbone was burnt to singe and I had to get replacements and yes they painted the whole disc. (Muppets) Do you think they need replacing? As for locking nuts I was not supplied any do I need them? Guess you could use it for target practice but instead I must admit that it was a rug I had in my last house. I liked it back then!
  8. Guy, Yep stainless steel chasis. timswait, erm, yes that'll be why erm, they are in the the wrong way round! I was thinking about laying brake pipe but wasn't quite sure on the presentaion point in the engine bay. Is it normal that all bolts supplied by Robin Hood are next to useless? I've had to buy all new bolts so far havn't used 1 supplied.
  9. ashleybanks

    My Build!

    I've just put some pics on a web site www.ashleybanks.co.uk of my build if you're intrested and have time to comment please feel free not quite sure on what I will do next considering bolting the engine in so i can start fitting things around it.
  10. Thanks Matt that done the job nicely!!!
  11. Matt, If you could help out that would be great name the time and place I'll take the wishbones off the car and bring 'em long. I to actually work in Farnborough so anytime of day would be fine. Sorry about posting in the wrong area I didn't realise I'd get offers. I might actually be coming up to Stoneleigh aswell prehaps I can meet up with you all there. I've been in wales this weekend hence havn't reploed sooner. Thanks Ashley
  12. Mark, I work near Farnham which is close to West Sussex so maybe I could take the Wishbones off and bring them to you if its any where near. That is a very kind offer. I guess travelling a few miles would be far cheaper than buying one and prehaps I could take a butchers at yours to. I've just filled out my application form to become a member of the RHOCAR club and will send it off today. Not sure how it works but I presume there are meets that I can goto. looking at this forum everyone seems to want to help each other out. Wish I had found it sooner hopefully I can contribute a little rather than just keep asking questions! Thanks again. Charles thanks for the offer also!
  13. Thanks for that I considered using ball joint ends but when I pushed it in a little it looks like it damages the thread. so am a little reluctant to push it in further would rather clear the threads out first. I have been searching for a while for a longer bolt but have not been lucky although managed to find a very good helpful company though called quality suppliers in hersham, surrey very handy. How much we talking for a Tap? roughly
  14. I had my wishbones powder coated by a company, unfortuntley it was a cash in hand job so no come back on the dodgy job they done. When they powder coated the wishbones they didn't cover the hole that the top ball joint screw into. I have managed to buy a bolt with the same thread and size, grinded a couple of cutting edges into it but unfortuntley this bolt was not really long enough it cleared a little bit up can someone advise on a possible fix to clear it out was thinking of buying a tap can someone advise on which one would fit as I'm not entirley sure on how the measurements are taken. Thanks Ashley Banks First Time Post.
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