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  1. Hi, You can strip down the hydraulic cam followers they usually gum up and give a clicking noise when running or on start up, inside there is a spring and ball bearing which stops the oil feeding back, the manuals say these can not be stripped but I did mine and found them totally clogged with sludge, obviously you will have to remove cams and chain for access. Once the cam followers are out you need to remove the centre plunger which can be tight, I found banging them down sharply on a block of wood shocked them out , then you can have access to the ball and spring, a good clean up and rebuild is then needed. also make sure the oil feed bar to the cams is clear and sprying freely. Regards Dave
  2. Hi, I am also looking for gas, found that Weld UK Ltd in Nottingham will do a pub gas cylinder refill for £20.00 Also a company called Target gas do a 10ltr cylinder of mig welding gas mix for a one off payment of £95.00 which includes a full cylinder of gas and only refill costs thereafter (£25.00ish) Dave
  3. Dee Jay


    Hi, Our local Council Youth centre has just been loaned an old late seventies early eighties kit car to refurbish called a Hornet, I'm interested to hear from anyone who knows this kit or even has one. The car I believe was built totally from scratch like the Ron Champion car, it has been used in competition and road registerd, and we are doing it up for the owner to use in hill climb, auto test etc. Regards Dave
  4. Hi Steve I think I have the parts you need, do you need the sierra wheel as well?, if you give me a day or so to have a look and also pm me you address etc Regards Dave
  5. Think youself lucky I took the bottom off my sump on a nice extra high manhole and lost all the oil in one or two seconds, on my 2.0 dohc wished I had done it before going on the road!!!!! Dave
  6. Hi' 2B+ KIT Purchased 04/06 SVA and Regitered 07/07 2000 DOHC EFi Diff and engine/g.box from donor no mods Mileage- 1600 Greased anually No problems or failures as yet Nylatron spacer fitted between prop and g/box flange 18mm thick (produced by me) Bhp - 110ish Regards Dave
  7. This happened too me in fact I got a fine sent through as my sorn for the donor had run out, I had a few days to pay before the fine went up too a higher level, so no time to write. I phoned on the line you are not supposed to phone on and gave them an ear bashing before they could tell me to get off the line, it worked and the lady actually appoligised for the computor not being up to date! Dave
  8. Hi, My car went to SVA and the belt mountings were not visible and could not be fittted or removed with the seats fitted, I did take photos of the mountings, bolts and the bolt rating (stamped on top of bolt). Nothing was questioned by examiner and all passed OK. regards DAVE
  9. Dee Jay


    Hi Found out last week that Footman James do not recognise RHOCAR for insurance discount for club members, why not? Dave
  10. Dee Jay

    2 B + 4 Sale

    Hi yes the car is still for sale, I can't let it go too low in price as it owes me too much, if you want more details and phot's I can email these to you. Regards Dave
  11. Thanks for that info graham, very useful Regards Dave
  12. Thanks for your help guy's will try to source a tank and try a in tank pump I think first. Regards Dave
  13. Hi, Has anyone fitted the R H E stainless steel fuel tank when using a 2.0 dohc i Sierra engine? If so does the inj fuel pump and sender unit fit OK? I want to replace the crap steel tank (escort I think) that RHE supplied with my kit so that I can get my boot space back. Dave
  14. Dee Jay

    2 B + 4 Sale

    Price dropped again!! it's got to go!!
  15. Dee Jay

    2 B + 4 Sale

    price reduced
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