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  1. well said chris AND SO SAY ALL OF US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. absolutely brilliant weekend!!!!!! kids and my good lady really enjoyed it, thanks to our chairman and family for making it such a good event! oh and the beautiful shower suit! matched ians eyes sunday after yet another running with mr smirnoff! the girls would like to thank the kind gent from the north east who shared his tv so they didnt miss corrie(you know who you are) ps pics are ace
  3. Hi there to all, its aquaman for all those who dont know me! Im the guy that tests the temperature of the showers at events and i shall be attending harrogate next weekend to ensure the showers are up to scratch. Can anyone tell me the camping arrangements for just the saturday night for me and the mrs, brother in law and fellow hoodie and sister in law! Whats cost and booking arrangements for the night? See you there Aquaman
  4. aquaman


    hi tim i think your a wonderful bloke have you finished the magazine yet mate
  5. aquaman


    who's paul bill never heard of him but my hands are fine now the black eyes i received when my good lady found out are taking some healing!
  6. aquaman


    thanks dave iam glad nobody had a camera
  7. aquaman


    I was fortunate to be invited to my first kit car show by a member of my partners family or so i thought,i really enjoyed the show but the thought of a night under canvas troubled me some what, but i really got into the spirit of things literally. Thats when things started to become rather wet and blurred! The less said about that the better. I would like to thank the guys who helped my friend get me into the tent they know who they are! what a great set of people i met over the wekend apart from some bloke called tim who threatened to name and shame me in the club mag! well no need to bother the girlfriend found out and has grounded me for a month thanks ian, ps she even bought me a shower cap thanks for a great weekend hope to see you all again
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