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  1. i used a steel pole with a thread in each end and braced from the plate where the clutch cable goes to the bulkhead secured with a bolt each end,no more flexing. charlie.
  2. 21st car 30 S7 inboard suspension,pinto on bike carbs needing a RR.
  3. Just to say thanks to J walton and all involved a great day out with no prob's! till the trip home when a couple of pints of hot water escaped twice from my bonnet vents and worked it's way along the scuttle and onto my right leg and arm and then my volts drop'd to 11v but got home with out over heating, wet and tanned result. Charlie
  4. Hi Paul i'm interested in the headlight's. PM Sent Charlie
  5. No,sierra rear end and sierra front beam with inboard suspension.thought front hub's etc were sierra,think Cortina disc's are 240mm solid?front brake's work well just thought as i was getting new pad's i may aswell get new disc's! think the caliper's/hub's are sierra,but the disc's must be fiesta. don't know if the disc's from a fiesta fit sierra hub's? Charlie.
  6. looked in Haynes,spec for front disc's is 240mm solid on 1.3,1.6 and 240mm vented on 1.8,2.0? only ford disc's with a diameter of 221mmm are fiesta mk1 or mk2?could the disc's be fiesta with sierra hub's and caliper's?
  7. Wrong forum der!!!!!!!! could a moderator please move to Mechanic's forum? thank's Charlie. http://www.rhocar.org/public/style_emoticons/default/crazy.gif
  8. Hi, was wondering if any body know's if fiesta(mk1/mk11?)hub's,calliper's,discs's and pad's were used on the front of a S7(sierra)?have not taken apart yet,looking at new disk's and 1144 pad's.The disc's are solid and 221mm any idea's? Thank's Charlie
  9. hi dan when the carb's(kwak) are on the bike they have 2 cables,think it's a push,pull system. i used another short unsheathed cable 4" or so long looped it used a screw in wire connector to hold the loop then put a spring on the loop and connected to the carb's. (pic above) i bought a bike fuel pump s/hand (think from a R1)£15 from e-bay,so no need for a fuel regulator. and modified my distributor as per nw web site,although other's have removed the spring through the inspection slot and not disassembled the dizzy,mine is now All in at 3650rpm. not been on a dyno yet(no funds)(checke
  10. Hi John Could you put me down please? (No 11 if poss) thank's Charlie
  11. hi all,was wondering if any one else has had a problem removing silicon suppressor cap's from the plug's,and have the wire detach from the crimp,which remains on the plug grrr.I'v re-crimped them before!and are newish leads on a pinto. can you use the NGK screw in one's on these leads(pic above) worked well on my m/bike's from my youth. Or buy a new set of lead's. recomendetions please. charlie
  12. hi Martin,cant see the bend in that photo,had a pic of it but cant locate it at the mo,will take some tomorrow. Mike,my angle is 50mmx50mmx3mm not sure of lenght,about1meter. Robin, pretty sure there's only one washer each inner side of the pivot point.
  13. hi, looking for advice regarding the angle iron on the front of my car that holds the suspension to the body at the top,as it's a little bent. cant use thicker angle iron (5mm) as the gap would be 4 mm smaller, are there different grades of strenght for angle iron? or could i use stainless steel? thanks Charlie.
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