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  1. Just got home from stoneleigh, It was great to see familliar faces and new faces this weekend and I only wish i could have participated more but my head is still full of cold and my temperature is up and down like a yoyo. Oh Yes, the good news: we've won the lottery... don't get too exited it was only £50 so I won't be retiring just yet. I hope everyone else makes it home safe and sound without the need for any "flashing lights" Nick
  2. Car and trailer packed to the gunwales with camping gear, See you there tomorrow. Nick
  3. The time has come to sell our Robin Hood 2B (wishbones). It will be a sad day when Frankie no longer lives in our garage but the reality is that we have had time for a very few days out over the past two years and we feel that the car deserves to be out and about more. The car has been built to a very high standard with MK cycle wings on the front wheels and Westfield seats. The front shocks are AVO and the rears are GAZ, all are adjustable. The car is fitted with a 2.1L Pinto engine rebuilt by Vulcan Engineering to the 160BHP spec. Fuelling is provided by twin 40 Webber carbs with K&N filters whilst electronic ignition keeps the sparks coming. The loom has been partially replaced by a Premier loom and has never caused any faults. The car is kept garaged and it has rarely seen rain but does come complete with full wet weather gear. More normally the car is seen out and about with a cream coloured Surry top that keeps out much of the wind and stops me from getting sunburn on top of my head. In addition, the car has a cover from Cover Systems that can be used if the car is to be left parked for any length of time – such as outside a hotel overnight. The car is fitted with a tow bar and comes complete with a camping trailer by Suncamp. The car will be taxed and given a new MOT A.S.A.P. price £5000. Call Nick on 07968 484235
  4. I've always fancied the idea of the 170HP 2L diesel VW engine and 6 speed box in a 2B, I bet it would be really driveable. Nick
  5. I would have thought that the RHOCaR NW dept. could put a team together... I'll watch. Nick
  6. I rather liked the look of the new Lancia Stratos too! Nick
  7. I quite agree. Even if it wasn't an offense then surely it would still be common sense and common decency to remove any snow that would fall off on to the road that many people are trying to keep clear of snow! Nick
  8. You can try this experiment at home with two sets of bathroom scales. 1)Stand on one set and record weight. 2)Stand on the other set and record weight. (Should be the same or this isn't going to work) 3)Stand with one foot on each and sum the values. This should still be the same total measured weight. You can try leaning to one side, this will have the effect of registering more weight on one scale than the other but the sum should still be the same. Nick
  9. I faced the same dilema as you about 18 months ago. I, of course, wanted the all singing & dancing Li ion drill for £300 but on reflection I plumped for the Ryobi One+ 18V NiCad combi drill for about £70 with two batteries and a charger. I haven't been dissapointed, in fact, the battery life is better than what I expected. I use it occasionally for work but mostly at home/in the garage. I also bought a 240V Makita SDS drill from B&Q on special at £70 to replace my 30 year old Bosch. I can't recommend this drill highly enough for domestic work; I suppose the 110V one would be just as great for site work. Nick
  10. I was in the Guides and the Scouts. My mother ran the Guides so I was an honorary Guide and used to go camping with them etc until I was big enough to join the Scouts. Did all the Scout stuff up to Chief Scouts award and then did some DOE stuff. I thought about getting involved as a leader but never have, it might have been different had my son been interested. I suppose the HSE have taken much of the fun out of it now. We carried knives, used axes, set fires roamed the streets in groups etc... Not so different from the youth of today just better organised. Nick
  11. I left School at 16 and went straight into an apprenticeship with British Rail as an Electrical Fitter. After 5 years at BR I took a job as a maintenance man in a plastics factory but only stuck that for 2 years. Next I took a job as a commissioning engineer for machine builder in Bedford. This job took me all over the world (mostly China) including a spell living in Singapore. I progressed into writing software for the machines as well before moving into a more managerial roll. 4 Years ago I took a Job in Blackburn as a Design Engineer. Designing control systems for machinery - it's definately the best job to date. I spend lots of time writing software but do the electrical design too. Nick
  12. Mitch, I'm a control system engineer and not an alarm engineer, the previous advice is all good but consider the following to try and trace the fault: By bypassing the tamper circuit you are proving that the controller isn't at fault. The tamper circuit is a pair of wires going to each sensor/box on the system; each device may have a tamper switch inside the casing and so any failure is likely to be either a lose connection or a faulty switch. Re-connect the tamper circuit and go round every sensor/box and giving each one a friendly tap with a screwdriver. Nick
  13. A great read as usual. I particularly enjoyed the "Driving to Italy" item. It made me think... But Italy is a long way. Maybe we counld get the cars transported to Milan and spend a few days driving around northern Italy and then get them transported back again. Just a thought. Nick
  14. I have the ride height a bit lower so mine measued 60mm to the Plough and 170 to the bottom of the lower wish bone mount box section. Nick
  15. Winter is upon us... though you wouldn't now it today. Just been and got the car out for the garage for one last time before the tax disc expires (weather not looking great for the rest of October!). My journey home from work tonight will be the last this year for the hood. In previous years I've kept the car on the road all year round but I think I only managed two days out last winter and at £100 for six months that works out at £50/day! I think its about time that we abolished the tax disc or created a new low user category maybe. Maybe a scheme could be setup whereby you can buy a weeks tax at a time online; the DVLA have the infrastructure to check your MOT and Insurance online. The DVLA could generate a bar coded disc that could be printed at home - I do this with Airline tickets and boarding passes regularly. A simple bar code scanner linked to the DVLA could verify details and validity instantly in the same way that a Police Officer would run a check today and ANPR should work just as well so ong as the databases are updated frequently enough. Any other ideas? Nick
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