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  1. The long and winding road..........................you got there in the end! Well done mate and what a relief! Regards Stan.
  2. Hi, why don't you give "Gingerfix" a call - his rates are very reasonable - I couldn't have finished my build without his help. Contact details are in Links. I think you might get about £4k as it is! It would be worth a lot more with SVA and registered. Hope this helps. Best regards Stan.
  3. Hi Alan....Will posted this a while back"The replacement cable is a Quinton Hazel one, part number QCC 1303. I am told it comes from a Fiat Ducato van!!" Hope this helps,Stan.
  4. Have read recent posts concerning sump guards for this engine.It seems some of the Rover "T" series engines had varying depths of sump fitted. Mine is very low - only 2" from ground!! and over an inch lower than oil filter and well below adapter plate!So I think my engine originated from the Rover 820. Can anyone clarify which engine had the shortest sump fitted? was it 220,420 etc? I must do something about it and fitting a guard would mean the guard grounding regularly! So I suppose I will have to source a shorter sump from the scrappies. Would there be any consequences to fitting the shorter sump? ie, would it mean less oil in the system etc? Could I get mine shortened? Ideas and suggestions welcome! Mine really is low!.....Stan. P.S. Am now road legal with "07"plate!
  5. Hi all.have got to take car to Gosforth DVLA in a couple of days for inspection, can I drive it there? I have had conflicting advice from Swansea and local DVLA! Also my engine number is in a difficult to see place under exhaust manifold - took me a while to make it out so do you think "jobsworths" are gonna create? Any further advice/info appreciated. Stan.
  6. nik4chef

    Finally Passed Sva!

    Well............finally got there! - What a relief! So next is to get it registered. ( Superspec - hopefully new '07 reg ) Can anyone offer their advice and experience paticularly with The DVLA office in Gosforth ( Newcastle ) would it be possible to get vehicle inspection done at my home? All info appreciated - I am so relieved SVA over - Stan. Thanks to all for help and advice. - Still can't believe it!
  7. nik4chef

    Another Fail!

    Well.....I don't believe it! returned to Test Centre yesterday with all items on fail sheet duly sorted and okayed by examiner. Examiner then decides three of the rear brake flexi fixings are not suitable - needs to have thread showing at fixing point! This was a point that he mentioned on my first abandoned SVA test (when fuel came out of filler) I thought I'd sorted it,and wasnt brought up again at subsequent re-test. So next test fail sheet mentioned a few simple items but not about rear flexi mountings......so naturally I thought they were now ok, not so! Anyway it appears I'm having to pay for two re-tests (£32 x 2 ) 'cos he omitted to put on first failure sheet! Queried this and was told nothing can be done as Computer doesn't understand this scenario! But I could appeal. How much is a season ticket? Regards Stan.
  8. Hi all. well........on my first Sva in Dec ,06 during emissions test fuel came pouring out of fuel filler! (no breather) so test abandoned! (they refunded £100 of fee) but tester told me all poss fail points he had found up to then.(about 35!!!) So sorted all points he mentioned and drove it up this time! (had read on here that cat can need a few miles to get working) Got to Gosforth about 8.15 and started test seemed ok till emissions test - he asked me to hold revs for nearly 10 mins at about 3000rpm then did test! Oh no! coolant dumped on floor thru overflow!! Up in Newcastle SVA they don't have big portable cooling Fans like in other test centres so cooling down to cars fan! only! I thought thats it he will abandon test again! But no.........it had passed emissions ok and after re-filling expansion tank he carried on........ I ask him to avoid noise test in case it overheats again -Has anyone had a problem passing? Result! only fail points were brake imbalance rear wheels, a couple of cable ties that I could have done there and then and need a declaration from GBS with revised front axle weight! I am over the moon! a couple of easy fixes I hope! Very suprised that mirrors passed So will take it back next week! Regards Stan
  9. nik4chef

    On The Road

    Fantastic - and thanks for your help! Stan
  10. Just getting ready for my second SVA - first one didn't get far enough to okay (tester abandoned 'cos fuel escaped under pressure from filler!) the wing mirrors supplied with my Superspec by Robin Hood. So has anyone passed SVA with supplied mirrors? Don't want to replace unneccessarily - bearing in mind I am not fitting Screen yet! Any ideas gratefully received - Stan
  11. Can any Superspec owners who have had to replace their Boss for a collapsable type (SVA) let me know exact make of Boss they bought? and which supplier? I need to order on Internet as I can't get out and about at moment. I'm having difficulty sourcing one for SVA -Name of manufacturer would be a great help! Thanks - Stan.
  12. Hi Richard, many of us with the Rover engined Superspec have had same problem. Pump must have fluid in/going through it. I went to local scrapyard and got a power steering reservoir that is common to nearly all Rover 25/45 600 and 800 ( also get the mounting/bracket - get a couple of different types from various Rovers - and adapt ) and mounted it just nearby under radiator and used hose that was previously on the res, just clean all parts up to look as new as poss for build-up inspection. This works perfectly and ensures lubrication. Hose as supplied by R Hood was ridiculed by SVA man! Hope this helps,Stan.
  13. After my first SVA there are a number of items inspector wants proof of suitability evidence for. I mentioned in previous post about proof the Focus column collapses at drivers/steering wheel end! I'm gonna have to buy a new boss! (And new indicator repeaters) Anyway he also wants proof that all the rubber pipes that come off the fuel tank ( two have to be blocked off as stoppers + fuel fillerpipe) are ok. (Filler rubber pipe as supplied by R Hood absolutely u/s -is a steering column gaiter I reckon!) Would just the invoice/bill (mostly hand written) from supplying shops suffice? I'm having to spend more dosh on things that Robin Hood supplied in the kit that are totally unsuitable for purpose! Anyway - any guidance appreciated................Stan
  14. Hi all,this my first post after SVA test 15 Dec 06- SVA tester wants documentary proof that steering column will collapse from drivers end, or fitment of collapsing steering wheel boss. Can anyone suggest where I might get such proof? SVA was at Newcastle on Tyne.Very strict tester!! Test was abandoned whilst engine was running for a few minutes at about 2500 rpm to get cat heated prior to emissions test - fuel came pouring out of filler cap! obviously breather blocked! They don't give you any doc's but he did take me through the fail points (nearly 40!) They refunded £100 of fee, so not too bad. Stan.
  15. Eric - glad to see you on Friday (8am start) Thanks for all advice everyone! Fingers crossed..Stan
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