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  1. Sold to Gary......Jumbo. Enjoy the car mate.
  2. and i need to change my avatar now lmao
  3. Hi Gary, just want to say, enjoy the car and have fun, I know you will look after it. It will surprise a few of the supposedly superior zetec powered cars but remember to get yourself a good set of trackday tyres for barkstone, they really do make that much of a difference. The guys on here will give you lots of advice on what to fit and where is the best place to get them from. Also before barkstone, please do pay Russ at torque tune a visit, hes a good guy and really knows how to fine tune a pinto.
  4. hi peeps, long time no see, last year i think lol. Well the time has come to say goodbye to my zero. Those of u who know me know that the car is very good for the money snd has a really cracking old tech pinto engine with a very genuine no bs 173bhp Anyway i just wanted u guys to know i listed it for sale in the for sale section. Jason
  5. This is a very nice car for the money and very quick. If u need more info or a viewing then please message me on here, email me on jasonhmorris71@gmail.com or telephone or text 07958 700823
  6. Car is SORN at the moment but will MOT if buyer requires.
  7. Engine spec 2.1 pinto with 205 ford motorsport block Flowed ported big valve head with brand new rockers Fast road piper cam Zx9r bike carbs Bestek ignition Racing battery Plumbed in oil catch tank Adjustable vernier pulley 5 speed box Quickshifter 173bhp on Torque Tunes rolling road Very fast pinto, cost lots of money £4,300.00 ono
  8. For sale is my beloved GBS Zero Fitted with an extensively tuned pinto engine using a 205 motorsport block and Kawasaki zx9r bike carbs. Full spec below....
  9. RAC for me too. AA Wouldn't do any car they wanted reg numbers of any cars on the policy. Apparently it's the way they're going now. Not with me though lol. I got the zero and my taxi (business policy) for 138 quid. Includes breakdown, relay and home star wantedt. Well happy AA wanted nearly 300. Jason
  10. Cheers Terry, any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  11. Think it might be a good idea to replace the valve stem oil seals at the same time as a precaution.
  12. Got a bent valve mate so gotta take the head off to replace it. Also I can't even order one until I measure it because they are bigger than standard.
  13. You'll find the aero screen will not fit perfectly and will need fixing in quite a few places in order to pull it close to the scuttle. Jason
  14. Cheers guys that would be great, looking to start it about 5ish. Will we get it off in about an hour ish? Andy my garage is only near Rotherham hospital off Mile Oak Road, junction 33 so not far. Marcus pm sent mate. My garage is a council lock up one so no electricity. Also is the torx bit I need one of the long ones as mine are all short. Jason
  15. Cheers Marcus, I'll remember to tippex everything. I've also been told to Mark the dizzy and rotor arm. How is this done do I simply scribe a line on the dizzy casing and on the block, and what about the rotor arm? Jason
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