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  1. RHSC

    2b Plus Wanted

    2b plus wanted As a change for the detling show we would like to place a customers built 2b plus on our stand. Therefore this is a request for a 2b plus from a willing customer, in return we will pay for your entry to the show both days, and provide you with a Kit parts direct Voucher for £25 the car will be required friday till sunday. ( john Peach this is your is 15 mins of fame as your car would be ideal) would willing parties please email photos of your car to info@greatbritishsportscars.co.uk Regards GBS 01623 422286
  2. RHSC

    Open This Sat

    As above we are open this sat morning, for anybody needing parts. please give me a call so we know how many to expect cheers GBS 01623 422286
  3. RHSC

    Open This Sat

    we will be open this sat ( 10th ) for anyone requiring parts, anything that will require fabrication please order before friday. Thanks GBS 01623 422286 07923222276 info@greatbritishsportscars.co.uk
  4. RHSC

    Half Price

    Half price stainless fuel tanks! for 2b Super Spec and Lightwieght AND £25 off weather gear ordered in febuary! Call 01623 422286 or info@greatbritishsportscars.co.uk
  5. On our website http://www.greatbritishsportscars.co.uk in the news section are the latest pictures of the Hood model with the new RS spec nosecone, we will be making an origional nosecone as well, The dash pictured for the hood has also been made for the 2b and should be finished from suppliars this week. so we will attach pictures of this as soon as we have it.
  6. RHSC

    Gbs Sale

    There will also be a 10% discount on all stock items purchased on the day!
  7. RHSC

    Gbs Sale

    Now we have started moving old stock around i will do my best to put up pictures of stock in autojumble and prices. so far: clam shell wings £20 each were £80 Lightweight boot cover £30 was £80 Marangoni zeta tyres £40 was£60 each attached is teh first of many pictures of stock Now we have started moving old stock around, I will do my best to put up pictures of stock in auto jumble and prices. so far: clam shell wings £20 each were £80 each Lightweight boot cover £30 was £80 for a set Marangoni zeta tyres £40 were £60 each Lightweight windscreens £45 were £60 atta
  8. RHSC

    Gbs Sale

    we would liek to confirm that we are having a sale of all stock and non stock items here at the factory starting from the 17th through to the 20th, all item will be for sale from body pannels to all the nuts, bolts and screws we have around the factory. there will also be a few cars for sale including: Robin Hood 2b plus sva'd and regestered Robin Hood sub k sva'd not yet regestered Robin Hood superspec turbo last factory built will be on 07 plate Robin hood lightweight with replacement tub NCF diamond metro gti van all donor parts and engines from ford calipers to brand new
  9. In reply to all the questions we have recieved about this conversion! 1. brackets will need welding to the chassis! we will try a bolt on bracket and see if it works 2. when finished the cars geometry will be right! 3. other parts needed are sierra uprights (£45) and your steering rack lengthning we can do this for you for £20 if it is a escort mk2 rack otherwise we can supply one ready modifyed for £85 4. there will be written instructions with pictures and diagrams no dogs in sight!# 5. the price of the rears in only when you buy the front package otherwise the rear kits
  10. A kit to convert your sliding pillar model to double wishbone Kit includes front set of AVO or GAZ coilovers 8" springs powdercoated black to suit full bush kit including inner and outer tubes pair of transit ball joints new bottom ball joints lock nuts m10 x 80 long bolts and nylock nuts and other suspension bolts two lower wishbones two upper wishbones shock absorber mounting brackets fixing brackets for chassis stainless infill pannels new style stronger/ lighter stub axle adapter with wing bracket £ 525 We will also offer rear shocks, powdercoated springs and m
  11. It is now on our website
  12. Exclusive news Next years plans launched to the ownerclub, this advert will run through the leading kit car magazines in the early part of the new year. (total kit car and kit car) It has been commented that the Robin Hood pholosphy of value for money may be lost with the new owners, hopefully this will clearly demonstare the couldnt be further from the thruth. There is much much more to come int he way of promotions and cars, including kit parts direct. Through Kit parts direct you will eb able to buy the full range of lolocost and Robin Hood spares and many new products, we wi
  13. RHSC

    Just A Reminder

    we are open this sat 9-4 if you are after any parts for your build over the christmas period or wish to come and have a look around and see the new hood come see us, all parts that will need fabrication please let us know prior to sat so we can have the parts made for you , if we dont see you have a good christmas! Regards GBS 01623 422286 07923222276 info@greatbritishsportscars.co.uk
  14. RHSC

    Open 16th December

    Sat 16th December will be the last weekend we will be open before Christmas, so if you are planning on getting any work done on the car and will be needing spares i recommend that you place your order or come see us, it is likely that we will have another jumble sale early in the new year, more information on that closer to the date! Regards GBS www.greatbritishsportscars.co.uk info@greatbritishsportscars.co.uk 01623 422286 07923222276
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