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  1. Morning all , Just bought one of these off ebay (Universal Radiator Fan Switch 12v Dual Temp Sender (290136856242) , and i thought that they could be of use to many with dual fan setups or in my case a single fan setup , low temp one on with ign and high switched when needed in the many traffic jams or track days maybe . Have fun in the Sun regards Mike
  2. Glad you got sorted , now coat the metal to stop it doing it happening again , well i used to work with very large telephone exchange batteries in another life , now i only use the gel type batteries , i wonder why ! cheers Mike
  3. yes just mix with water and wash off the loose bits and scrape off the crusty bits , and that should sort it out , mike
  4. Hi Andy , use sodium bicarbonate AKA baking soda solution , that should do it , Mike
  5. miikae

    Gps Unit

    Hi , Sometime ago i bought a Holox off ebay , bluetooth multi channel receiver is is a nice bit of kit small and compact and if necessary you can even plug and external aerial in to it should the need arise , i use it with ipaq via the bluetooth connection , hope you get sorted , regards Mike
  6. Hello All, I have just been searching through some of my paper work and i discovered to my amazement that in 1999 my car had a hard top fitted , it was removed when sold and a soft top supplied but not fitted , that explains the marks on the scuttle as a note states , this car was initialy built in 1996 by a garage in Poole (Panorama Bay Motors) for hill climbing as far as i can make out , the engine being heavely modified , well it would be i suppose for the intended usage , The big question is does anyone out there know of this car or the where abouts of the said hard top ? a picture would be nice , plus any other history . I have tried to contact the garage but they dont reply to my emails , i am too far away to pop in for a chat with them . Any help on this matter greatly appreciated Regards Mike
  7. Hi Chris , I can understand your thoughts on using a 944 engine and drive train , but the overall engine to gearbox dimensions my well be a problem as it is a fixed length due to the torque tube and thus you would have to work from back to front to find out where the engine if at all possible would fit in the engine bay to start with , plus many other problems to overcome as the Porsche rear suspension is a whole new ball game but an interesting one all the same , and oh yes i have had a Porsche for many years and know them well , so my advise for what its worth is think twice and get lots of advice , one big plus would be no propshaft troubles as long as the internal bearings are ok in the torque tube , Best of luck Mike
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