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  1. Hi As someone who has experienced severe overheating problems with my 2L pinto engine I took the advice given by some of the guys and fitted a Coolman Rad plus Nissan thermostat (which runs cooler than the Sierra one) and the difference has been like night and day So much so that to date I have not even fitted the electric cooling fan I bought on ebay yet as the original viscous fan seems to be coping OK Temperature guage used to go off the end of the guage after approx 20 miles, now sits at approx a quarter of the way up (rising towards half in heavy traffic ) Robert
  2. Hadn't thought about fitting bike carbs as replacements for my single Weber, but am keen to try them so 4 questions 1 What size are best for 2.0litre Pinto fitted with single Weber, 36 or 38mm....does it make much difference? 2 Someone said to me that slide valve bike carbs were the ones to go for......who makes these or which bike would they come off 3 If I take off the inlet manifold what happens to the water hose that connects to the heater matrix....do I just block it off.......I seem to remember in one of the other tips someone mentioning it was best to leave it attached as it forms part of the cooling circuit for the Pinto engine 4 Does anyone do ready made template / mounting brackets with stub end to allow carbs to be attached to the block or do you have to fabricate these yourself? Cheers Robert
  3. I would also check small print on any short term insurance you may take out......some companies exclude travel abroad Robert
  4. what got me was he actually bought a ticket and didn't just jump the barrier!!!!!
  5. Passed to me by a friend ...........worth a look http://www.dcs.gla.ac.uk/~craigm/challenge.shtml Robert
  6. Hi I was about to raise another topic regarding Stepper motors and Weber carbs , but I might as well jump in here. Are you saying ditch the whole carb or just the stepper motor I have the electronic plug on my car and it's connected to some ECU (Ford Sierra Circa 1988) and now that I've hopefully sorted my cooling problem(see under another topic) I'm looking to sort out my car performance issues. I noticed that when I disconnected the plug the car seemed to sound better and pull a bit better (although maybe this is wishful thinking!!), and with a bit more popping and banging on overrun (nice!!) Wasn't sure what potential damage this is doing........if any Robert
  7. Hooray!!!!!! Took half day off yesterday , carrot being nice weather and potential track night at Knockhill Circuit Removed old rad, fitted new Coolman(sounds quick when you say it like that!!) in same place as old one but left the existing viscous fan on (knew I wouldn't have time to wire up Landrover one, plus wanted to see if difference in performance was down to rad first and not fan. Two trips to Halfords (wrong flexi hose size the first time) quick fill up with Antifreeze / water, ran it for a couple of minutes to help get rid of air then set off for track Although it was a warm evening guage stayed comfortably in the norm . Arrived at the circuit and switched off the car and although coolant overflowed (very small amount) out of my overflow bottle , rest sucked back into rad (even though bottle is not sealed at the neck). Arrived too late to get out on track , however took a longer journey home when temp had fallen slightly and car didn't seem to lose any coolant, in fact guage stayed below half way line all the way home. In addition I used the pressure cap supplied with the rad (18 deg I think, instead of the 20psi one I had fitted) If I get the chance over the weekend I will try to find an expansion tank to sort out the minor overflow problem But so far looking good...........thanks to all for the advice and support Then it's on to the next task......................... Robert
  8. I think I stated in one of my replies above that I had checked timing using timing light and it seemed OK. Have replaced plug leads, checked distributor is working OK, no emulsion in oil etc. Once I fit radiator , and even if water temp problem improves, I intend to find a rolling road and get a report / health check on engine. I suspect that single carb with no air filter and requiring tuning may be possible problem................... Robert
  9. I was trying to keep the number of items in the nosecone to a minimum. Once I've plumbed in new Coolman radiator and Land Rover fan (assuming it fits behind the radiator and in front of the engine pulleys) I'll see how well it performs. If at that stage it still isn't good enough I may look at putting some form of ducting in the nose. Who knows if desparation sets in may have to strap my wife to the bonnet and give her a Japanese fan to waft in front of the grille.............(you can tell she's not reading this over my shoulder!!) Robert
  10. Oops Too late, I've already "ebayed" New radiator has just arrived today so will combine it with above when it arrives and the adjusted nissan 1.6 thermostat. I will wire up the fan as per NW webpage. (won't be until early next week as am off to England for a few days as of tomorrow) At the very least this should reduce the number of potential things that can be causing the problem !! Cheers
  11. Thanks for the e-bay tip , have contacted him and awaiting reply Ahem, haven't checked compression yet , but there is definetely no emulsion in oil and no smoke coming out of exhaust so hadn't thought this to be a problem .............but will now get of my backside and check it today if possible Cheers Robert Sorry...........my fault shouldn't have asked the original question!!!!!! Robert Have ordered Nissan thermostat from Halfords (none stock apparently......supposed to be arriving today ...........rated at 76 deg rather than Sierra 88 degree so will give it a try Cheers Robert ........(have finally worked out how to add smiley faces .....I'm slow but I get there in the end!!!)
  12. Have removed centre carpet to work on car which doesn't help with heat Was going to add pictures of thermostat and engine bay but won't let me (something about file being too big) Robert
  13. Taking on board all this good advice. Last night removed grotty looking thermostat.......gasket ring was perished.....but it was fitted in the correct way as per photo and tested it in an "approved" (by my wife) pot on the stove. Didn't have a thermometer handy but checks the water came towards boiling point and it opened and closed as it cooled. Have decided to fit a new one anyway so have purchased straight repalcement......they didn't have a Nissan one at my local Halfords, but will go to one in next town tomorrow and see if they have one.....I can swap them over. Decided to bite the bullet , save all the flaffing about with the radiator and go for a Coolman as from all the info above it will be less grief in the long run. Ordered today from Lolocost......delivery hopefully Monday and cost doesn't seem that bad when put into perspective of talking to a neighbour who is building a (Cosworth ) Dax Rush and who has just paid about £300 for their own one(ouch!!). Tomorrow I'm also targeting scrapyards for electric fan (Citroen if I can get one) and SD1 Rover expansion tank. Looking at the space I have was thinking of moving new radiator (when it arrives) as close as possible towards the Water pump pulleyand mounting fan behind it, rather thanon other (nosecone side) of the bulk head. Has anyone done this or is their any reason why I shouldn't? My engine bay seems to be more cluttered (and a lot less tidy than Nigel's!!) Robert
  14. Thanks for the above Will try bleeding heater matrix the way you describe...........and I am a club member ....have been since March 2006............just been slow to log on to community.......although I had been reading up on a lot of the various topic and links Cheers Robert
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