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  1. They want £850 for that thing on Ebay - there must be hope for mine !!
  2. Hi Peter Keep collecting and tucking them away Cover up carefully and lock them away Twenty plus years time they could be somebody's "barn finds" and net you a small fortune. If anyone can afford petrol. Keep up the good work - best wishes Terry
  3. There was something like that on my donor. I thought that it allowed the heated rear window to be used as a radio aerial
  4. Watch this space Trying out putting pictures into text without reducing size Via Word Let there be Light Try that again Well that didn't work
  5. My chassis is stainless and a magnet sticks to it like glue. Got a feeling it's 308 or similar
  6. Just ordered two of those 3 level trolleys Buy two - get free delivery. Has somebody made a pricing error Order now confirmed. Her indoors could have one for the green house.
  7. Just gone blue - but it is a bit parky this evening.
  8. A friend of mine was a good right handed archer - until an accident with a circular saw. Fortunately he became a good left handed archer> But he couldn't do the proper archer's V sign. Another DIY victim.
  9. Here is a link to the auction site for Marussia F1 team kit that is being sold off. There's loads of stuff there - down to a couple of Record bench vices. http://auctionhq.net/view-auctions/catalog/id/91/?page=1
  10. That's expensive - what's so good about gunmetal these days - titanium, well maybe !!
  11. One replica Ferrari, a pseudo Lambo and what I think was a Jaguar C type replica. I missed out on what the "Jag" was based on - but it looked good. There was a good bit of video about a year ago when somebody demonstrated how the design of "Off roaders" was compromised by driving a Pug 106 through a flooded area that could not be tackled by a couple of SUVs.
  12. Thanks agent_zed - can't wait for my wipers to be delivered tomorrow. They are coming via UPS in brown van. Will they fit - follow this exciting tale maybe tomorrow Hums Dick Barton theme tune (Devil's Gallop) For the younger ones amongst us
  13. Don't tell me - I've just ordered some replacement wiper blades from them for my tintop. However they are by Bosch.
  14. I liked those twin rears - OK a bit "Scrapheap Challenge" . It must be a cheaper way of getting the power from that lump onto the road.
  15. You've got to love those "Boudicca style" front wheel nuts. Why not go the whole hog and have blades.
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