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    Do all classics get in for free?
  2. To top it all, the letter was addressed to ME as the car is in my name. I should really report bad wifey to the police for illegally opening my mail !
  3. So, it goes something like this:- I bought the wife an A3 over the summer, nice car, good price. we taxed, mot's and insured the car, runs like a dream, wifey very happy. Yesterday, she phones me up and asks "are you playing away?" I replied "Why do you ask?" hence immediately raising suspicion. "In Portsmouth? she replied (we live in Preston a good 5 hours away. It turns out we received a parking fine from Portsmouth council. I can only deduce that the car has been cloned, never thought it would happen to me, but there you go. So some scrote has been dring about in a perhaps stolen car, that to all intents and purposes is mot'd insured and taxed, but by me and not them. The car was advertised on autotrader, so the cloner has obviously picked up the reg and decided to fool ANPR cameras by using my plates, so buyers beware, this is quite a growing trend. So Portsmouth council have been informed and a police crime report has been issued. Hopefully they will get picked up next time they pass an ANPR camera. Hopefully as the car is now tagged, I just hope the wife doesn't get pulled next time she passes an ANPR camera. Message to car cloners - don't be stupid when cloning a car to get a parking fine, or speeding ticket as you have a good chance of spending time at HM's request. Si
  4. Another one bites the dust. Good luck with the Westie and hopefully see you on the Christmas do Darren. Hows gay Dave, has he bought into one yet? Si
  5. shaggy


    I sold an item 3 years ago, then the buyer pulled out. Got charged £180 for the privilige Oh happy days. Whatever happened to good old Loot?
  6. Not sure about banners Paul. Maybe Steve will have a better idea where they are kept. Or perhaps the Yorkshire regiment could get some over to you. Si
  7. Has this gone now Alan?
  8. Scotty, what about the dash buld for the indicators, flashes on left turn, but doesn't flash on the right turn (or the other way round). Si
  9. shaggy

    Smallways 2016

    Yeah nice one Lee. If I had known you were going to the ice cream parlour, I would defo have lead the convoy............ Si
  10. Looking forward to this one Paul. Thanks for organising it Si
  11. Scotty, Map 1 was the original map and it ran like a pig. Not sure what the previous owner did but when I sold it it was on map 2. My advice is to switch it over using the laptop thingy (never could find out how to use it). Original blacktop did have a misfire on No1 and after sourcing another unit, I took it back hence the new map gsxr 1100. Simon
  12. I'd be up for that Paul, if there are spaces, start a new thread. Si
  13. Hi Steve, please put me down for full weekend, and camping. Reg:- GVO 495J VW camper Thanks Si
  14. Bobbers, that's where we usually meet, but unless someone takes the lead, i.e. stand up for NW area sec, then there will no longer be a meeting there.
  15. Cars looking spot on now Tim.....
  16. You promised me a blast out Dave, come round before Dino picks it up
  17. My old man binned a Bosch 12 years ago cos it was rusty in a couple of places, mainly cos he kept it in the garage. Gave him a good 27 years of service, without service or any faults. I only wish I had been there when it was removed..... as I would probably still have it now
  18. sorry can't do this year in France on this date. Will be able to get to Aug event though
  19. Iggy, Stockport Steve usually organises tickets for both the June and August shows. I'm sure he'll be along shortly. Si
  20. shaggy

    Smallways 2016

    Lee, don't forget Lisa, might also have Ted with us as well.
  21. Tim, have you thought of a Perspex windscreen from the air intakes to cover the existing windscreen? That's where the brick aerodynamics fail quite badly. Apart from that, looks sweet. Si
  22. Sad to see them go, but time moves on (every 2 years for me) and tastes change. Hopefully see you at Smallways Steve? I'll be there in the bus Si
  23. So are you taking the slow lane like myself Steve? Had the new girl up to 90 today (well the clock shows 45 at 30 so that's probably about 60mph) What do you have in mind for a new toy? Si
  24. Dave, well done for stepping up to the mark. I'm sure Mitch will be glad of the chance to step down from his position of area sec.
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