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  1. Good to see you yesterday Graham and really good to know that the 2B has gone to a good home and will be finished to a high standard, I have found a few more bits and pieces so will PM you later and make arrangements to have them dropped off. Have fun building Paul
  2. MUST SELL NOW DUE TO LOSS OF STORAGE SPACE WILL ACCEPT £2000 FOR QUICK SALE Due to personal circumstances I am having to sell my part built 2B, this is one of the last ones from the Robin Hood factory before they became GBS. It is a stainless chassis and has many extras such as Gaz Shocks, Robin Hood Seats and Superspec Rear Wings. The car is 90% complete and can be driven, everything is either new or refurbished and as usual I have spent way above the £3,500 purchase price. There are no additional items required to complete this car as I have purchased everything including heater and wipers and trim items. The car is completely wired and everything works. The bonnet has been cut and converted to front hinging with a fixed scuttle, engine is 2.0l pinto on carb. This would be an ideal project for the coming winter and I would anticipate that a couple of months would see it complete. The car is stored near Goole in East Yorkshire and can be viewed by appointment, I can be contacted on 07887 532413 or PM me and I will get back to you. I have a full photographic record of the build so no problems with amateur build for SVA, also have donor Sierra log book and SORN declaration so will get age related plate. I need to sell the car fairly quickly so am asking for £3000 which is below the kit price and an absolute bargain for the work put into this car but i do need to sell it. Would love it to stay in the club and see it finished as you all know too well that there are hundreds of hours put into building these cars, I just wish I could complete it but circumstances mean it has to go, yes I have thought long and hard about keeping it but I will give someone else the pleasure of owning a hood. Paul
  3. Jason I just cut the mounting plate to allow it to miss the chasis down tube and to allow it to sit level on the cross tube, had to trim the sides down later on when I fitted the side panels as it was stopping the panel fitting flush to the side. Paul
  4. Hi Jason Attached a few pics of the pedal and servo mount on my 2B. I just used the plate supplied by RHS to mount the pedals and servo, had to cut and file it a little to make it fit but apart from that had no real problems. Did find that by using the bearing modification on the steering shaft allowed me to position the shaft to miss the pedals. Where are you located, there might be someone local who could drop round and help you out. Paul
  5. Hi Graham Great news, glad that you have managed to get that old Lightweight chasis of mine on the road, well you will have on Thursday. With your proven strengthening mods we should start to see a few more passing SVA and appearing at the shows. Paul
  6. Really good to meet up with everybody again, Phil and myself had a good tour of the site on Saturday but despite trying to lie low we eventually found you all, yes Ian I will make sure that I find out exactly where you are camping before setting of next time Eric, how did you manage to overtake me twice on the way home when I never passed you!!! Paul, Michelle and Kieran
  7. Hi Dave I had exactly the same problem when starting my pinto for the first time, it turned out to be the blade connection at 6 o'clock as mentioned by Nigel, I remade the connection and have not had any trouble since. Hope this helps Paul
  8. Hi Mark I am in Tickton just outside Beverley so only about 20 miles away from you, currently building a 2B wishbone and hoping to be on the road early next year. As Grizzly has mentioned we do seem to be a little sparse in this area but I do see a few Hoods flying about, was it you driving through Bridlington on Tuesday? If you want to PM me with your details I would be more than happy to meet for a chat and offer any help that I can. Paul
  9. Thanks for the advice Graham and John, will get them welded up, another piece of brilliant engineering by RHS!!!!
  10. Joe Have attached pics of my 2B wishbones,they needed a little persuasion to fit and the addition of machined spacers to take up the tolerance allowed by Robin Hood I can only upload 2 pics on site, pm me and I will send you more pics. Paul
  11. Hi everybody This was our first time camping with the club and will certainly not be our last, thanks to everyone for making us so welcome,we had a brilliant time. So gdc you were to blame for me getting back to the caravan at 3am, it was great to see you and the Lightweight looked fantastic. We had a really good laugh and thanks to everyone for a fab weekend Paul, Michelle & Kieran
  12. Tickton Paul


    Graham According to Tom Tom the best route for you is:- M1 to Junction 13 onto A421 heading for St Neot's then onto A1 The North to A46 Junction for Newark, then follow signs to the show. We will be camping over the weekend so look forward to seeing everybody there. Paul
  13. Got this through at work today, wondered if this was the latest offering from GBS, looks a "cut above the rest"
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