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  1. robocog

    Easter Barbie

    Just a quicky to say thanks to all for organising / setting this up Top hospitality and a good crowd I will always fondly recall the spot by the AGA as I de-frosted Was an interesting journey both there and back Car is now filthy again ...LOL Completely green with envy WRT the workshop there, no excuses not to come up with the goods No doubt catch up with you all at the next Cadnam meet (safe in the knowledge I won't be force fed a stale hot cross bun) Regards Rob
  2. robocog

    @ Key

    Assuming its XP.. its the regional settings that need changing so get into control panel (start > settings >control panel ) then into regional settings (date time language icon OR in classic view regional and language) Go through all the tabs making sure that UK english is set as the default on all remove the US english, (youll get a message saying its in use and will be set default next boot Reboot PC and enjoy keys that are where they say they are (not fitted the megasquirt yet, but it WILL happen sometime soon) Regards Rob
  3. robocog

    Easter Barbie

    LOL OK well it looks like its actually cheering up a bit today Hopefully see you guys later then ?!?! can someone txt / mail me / message thier mobi number incase I get completely lost, it looks kinda rural out there and my sat nav gets as confused as the driver when shown big open fields Dont fancy spending the night stuck in a snow drift Regards Rob
  4. robocog

    Easter Barbie

    Was looking forward to this weekends meetups/shows Don't think I'm brave enough to attempt the journey in this... Probably catch up with you all next Cadnam meet Regards Rob (from the other side)
  5. robocog

    Bike Carbs On A Pinto

    Running my 2 Litre Pintosaurus 7 on bike carbs at the moment (34mm chokes -fazer 600's) Its made a huge improvement over the 32/36 DGAV Install was a doddle and tuning them has proved to be fairly straight forward Manifold was made locally KNN Manifolds and they even re-spaced the carbs fuel rails and choke bar :-) Plenty of tuning guides out there for CV carbs (start at WOT and work your way down) Mine just needed tha main jet taking out to 170 (just drilled the main jets with a 1.7mm bit) and it costs nowt to shuffle the needles up and down as they are on clips the idle jets are also screw adjustable - making tuning/tweeking them really cheap compared to Webortolex types The best bit is the fact that the carbs no longer throw a second choke open causing unpredictable back end step outs and deliver smooth predictable power and don't need accelerator pumps and diaphragm bits that WILL wear out Fuel economy is superb (and also beats the DGAV hands down) I have been able to tweak the mixtures without having to buy loads of sets of jets and correctors and new gaskets Well happy with mine - the only thing they will get replaced with would be throttle bodies, eventually Go for it - its definately put a load more life into the Pinto
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