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  1. Evening all So after being at home a bit and driving my younger brothers series 1 elise. Ive come to the conclusion that his goes like utter stink and is a joy to drive for a few reasons. Either it lies about having 118 bhp. Ive got a 2005 Yamaha R1 and had to put more effort in than id care to admit trying to keep up with him. Another thing is its geared sooo much better than the hood. first and second actually are really useable where in the hood they are pretty much a waste of time. So I've got a standard type 9. Before i go putting this all in a planner. How involved is it to replace the 1st and second gear with longer ones? and from anyone that has experience does it have an impact on the driving as much as I'm hoping? Many Thanks as always
  2. Jomeo69


    Oddly enough our company was quite interested in this grant for obvious reasons www.Ashwoodselectricmotors.com Im very glad it went to a small company tho. Will make a massive difference and will also get the GBS name out there. Not to mention will end up with a wicked fun little car at the end of it.
  3. Jomeo69


    little confused here. Mine is a Q. And was registered about a year and 6 months ago. It also has the emissions that is was tested to at IVA printed on the bottom of the front page of the V5C. Im assuming that when it comes to an MOT mine will be tested to that spec. I know assuming anything is a little silly when its comes to the DVLA but still. Joe
  4. Thats grand. Thanks for that. Dangerous mind
  5. OOO. Ive been looking for this sort of thing for a while and couldn't find anything. Do you have a link or any further information? Many Thanks joe
  6. Yea thats a Goodridge (Sorry Brumster) style hose end, think its part of their Buildaline Range from memory. Used to work for them down in exeter. They are used when making your own custom length hoses. Or connecting to a different thread pattern from the other end. You can get them from any of the places already mentioned. They are all probably cheaper than buying from them direct tbh. Here is a link to the sort of thing it is. They are available with all sorts of thread sizes https://www.goodridge.co.uk/collections/600-700-series-hose-fittings/products/reusable-straight-female-fitting Hope this is of help joe
  7. Ah maybe i should have added that. I do have a servo connected as well. Do like the feel of them at the moment and have had at least the front two lock up while doing some spirited driving
  8. Afternoon all. So a few of my petrol headed mates have been quizzing me quite hard recently about my distinct lack of appearance at any track days or hill climbs. One clear reason is financial and another i want to bed the car in a bit before hitting it hard at a track. Both of these reasons / excuses they shrugged off, because they are fun like that. There are 2 more. One being the spring weights which is another discussion, the other is my rear brakes. My car has drums on the back. I am very hesitant to run drums on a track. I know these cars can be over braked if disks are used on the rear without a reducing valve. Id really like some advice really as to whether its worth doing a rear disk conversion first (big job and the missus would shoot me) or im ok to hammer them on a track. Obviously servicing and all that jazz will help first but im kind of looking for info outside the obvious if that makes sense. Many Thanks as always
  9. Jomeo69

    Super Spec

    Does the actual pump have to run? Got about 3, all with dead pump internals but the float and level bits should work no prob.
  10. Jomeo69

    Saying Hi.

    Oh yes Al. Been through that tunnel many a time. Highlight was 2 x lotus Elise, Porsche 959 and the Marcos. We are frequent visitors to that one. Bit of a shame really but there is a shortage of tunnels down this end of the country. Guess you cant have it all eh.
  11. Jomeo69

    Saying Hi.

    Hey Al. Yea it's looking quite good now. If you don't look too close that is. Hope yours is all running ok? Yea roads down here are something else. I should be bringing it down to sunny ramsgate sometime this year. When I do I'll drop you a message
  12. Thanks Alan. Yea brought the Kit direct from RHE. With Zetec, Jenvies and Emerald. Also came with Gaz shocks which was nice. Yea did think that the zetec may be lighter and the car will be much lighter now ive ditched the crappy ford tank in the back. guessing i could do with weighing it before i go any further really. The 750 was weighed at IVA but like i said their scales im sure were way out.
  13. Thanks Andy. Yea i did forget a crucial bit of info. Im running the Gaz shocks that came with the kit. On the back ive got the springs that came with the shocks. And on the front ive got 350ld yellow i think. But without looking its just a hunch. Looking at what some of the Caterham guys run on the web they are much lower weights but then if the car is lighter the rate will be lower as well. Many Thanks
  14. Evening, So during the 700 odd miles that i covered in my first year of Hood Based driving pleasure I've realised a couple of things. Firstly the suspension is too soft. And not like super soft but not stiff enough with too much body roll. Cornering hardish round right hand turns for instance will have the exhaust scraping the tarmac. Tis good fun but the bottom of the bottom tube on the exhaust is now square. The exhaust isn't getting changed but if i plan to venture onto the track at any point this year like I'm hoping I'm thinking it needs to be stiffer. So the question being what do people think spring weights should be. The geo has been set up and tyre pressures all ok. And the rebound set relatively high 20 clicks on the front and 27 on the rear. Car apparently weighs 750Kgs according to the IVA (don't believe that tbh as there's nothing bloody in it, the exeter test centre scales were from the early 1900's I'm certain of it) Anyway I'm not sure what weights on there at the moment but I'm looking for a stiff sporty ride with much less body roll. Any comments / tips always welcome and thanks in advance Joe
  15. Hi Guys. Been a while

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