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  1. MJThewlis

    Oh No!

    Hi Paul can see you are on line! Read your post and have been digging my 'filing' system and have found the photocopy of the SVA approval document -I didn't trust DVLA at the time in case it got lost before I got my V5!?!? Anyway many apologies I was obviously wrong when I said I'd given it to you with the rest of the paperwork. I'll post a copy on to you tomorrow. Interestingly / usefully(?) it states "having been examined under Section 58 of the Road Traffic Act 1988, it is hereby certified that on the date of the examination this vehicle complied witrh the relevant requirements prescribed under Section 54 of the Road Traffic Act 1988." Cheers, M.
  2. MJThewlis

    Oh No!

    Firstly Paul sorry you are having continued grief but great story on local news - how is celebrity life!?! In answer to the question "Mat-d-Rat" ... I owned the car before Paul. The donor Sierra was on a different number plate (C24 AWD) not the one issued to the RH (C905 OTW). DVLA did have to have two goes at getting the V5 log book right at the time when I registered the RH - originally it was returned as a Sierra again and I had to go back through the DVLA office to get it corrected - the documents all record the car as it should be. Bumbling incompetence and farce spring to mind.
  3. Fantastic thanks Mr Ben! I have emailed on as well to Paul to ensure he gets this asap. I've also asked if he would complete the thread with the happy ending when his innocence is acknowledged!!! Once again many thanks all, as ever the source of wisdom to solve any problem even vaguely linked to a RH!
  4. Well thanks anyway enforcer/Rich for the guidance anyway - wouldn't want to put you in a difficult position. Any suggestions on the best evidence to present / send with the letter?
  5. Thanks for all the replies ... Mogzee / Paul ... Glad you're enjoying the car ... sorry it spoilt your birthday! Enforcer / Rich ... Any chance you would speak to said officer on Paul's behalf if required please (officer to officer so to speak!) I'll talk to Paul tonight and get him to pm you with any details he has and own contact details etc. Bentley ... if you could email on the letter that would be fantastic. If you could email to cathy.mat@talktalk.net that would be fantastic and I will send on to Paul. Cheers, M.
  6. I've had a query back from the gentleman who bought my kitcar 6 months ago who has had a 'spot of bother' with the local constabulary. He was stopped for speeding (fair cop) but was then told the vehicle had no MOT. He explained SVA'd within year etc. but they still say it needs to have an MOT and that SVA does not cover this? My understanding (and responses I got when I double checked on here a year ago) was that the test covered that first year period - otherwise why do they issue a tax disc???? So to the help ... has anyone got or know where to find substantive evidence they can use to support not having an MOT post SVA? It's not really my problem but I feel somewhat bad about his predicament and if I can help him out would like to. The absolute irony is he had the car tested yesterday (as it's coming up to the year) and it failed on handbrake adjustment - life is just so unfair sometimes!
  7. Car now listed on Ebay so will sell by Sunday 18th May! Item number ... 110252023566
  8. Hi Yan I'm in Great Yeldham (Nr Halstead next village after Sible Heddingham). I'm out Saturday but could be around Sunday midd to late afternoon if that suits you? Feel free to give me a call on 07808-098-338 either this evening or tomorrow to arrange a more definitive time if you are interested. Cheers, M.
  9. Nice one here!!! Well can't blame a chap for trying... http://community.rhocar.org/index.php?&amp...item&CID=81
  10. Stainess steel chassis, stainless panels, wishbone suspension and Oxford Blue GRP. 2Litre Pinto with genuine 20k miles from new. Piper 185 cam, silicone hose set with alloy header tank, Pipercross K3000 airfilter. GAz suspension; aeroscreen; Fibreglass Wonx seats + much more/ Fantastic car - great fun to drive. More details listed on pistonheads at ... http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/445024.htm (it's also in the garage on this site not sure how to link sorry) Bargain at £4,650 given the £6,000 spent in the build. Further details and / or to buy please contact Mat on 07808-098-338.
  11. Try Javelin who trachdays around the country through the year! Nexty one is Wednesday at Cadwell Park (weather permitting). I'm trying to line up a snow mobile just in case!!!!!
  12. I'd go with cam, followers and the standard ball studs. Standard springs are fine provided they are in good condition / haven't been ronud the world! This works out a lot cheaper...
  13. Err - I still can't make it work, sorry.
  14. Sorry I'm either being very thick or the link isn't attaching properly to where you are trying to point me?!? Any chance you could look again and pass on the code directly please? Cheers, M.
  15. Having seen black magic posted this week for a radio code could anybody help me! Looking for the radio code for Seat Leon Mk1 1.8T Cupra 02 Plate Aura v4. Radio Serial No. SEZ2Z6B1562667 It's my wifes car which whilst trying to sort the ABS out on I managed to reset the radio and can't find the code for + I can't get it into the dealers till the end of the month all of which means the dog house for me.... Please, please, grovel, grovel ... eternally grateful for any help. Cheers, M.
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