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  1. Few more photos of it.
  2. Hi all, Since moving to West Yorkshire I've struggled to get down to Lincolnshire to enjoy it as much. The car is located near Grantham. So for the details... The car was built by Mark Boothman of Automotive Solutions and Racing (http://www.automotiv...cing.com/2b.htm) in 2008. The car was registered on 1/1/2009 on a Q plate. Engine: Ford Sierra 1.8L pinto circa 1986 with the standard pierburg carb upgraded to Weber. The engine was stripped down and all necessary parts replaced including the timing belt. It features a shortened sump for ground clearance. Since passing the SVA
  3. Took it for a spin last weekend with the glorious weather. Ran really well. Even saw another Hood around the back roads of Langar. Someone was meant to come see it but never came in the end. Disappointed but gives me the chance to get it out again
  4. Hi all, With regret I am putting my Robin Hood 2B Plus up for sale. Since relocating to West Yorkshire I have been unable to find the time to use the car and want someone who will get the enjoyment out of it. The car is located near Grantham, Lincolnshire. So for the details... The car was built professionally by Mark Boothman of Automotive Solutions and Racing (http://www.automotiv...cing.com/2b.htm) in 2008. The car was registered on 1/1/2009 on a Q plate. Engine: Ford Sierra 1.8L pinto circa 1986 with the standard pierburg carb upgraded to Weber. The engine was stripped
  5. Dean, The old pierburg i had on never flamed up and all i've done since then is swap the carb over. I've no idea how to do the timing so for this basis and the prior carb not burning my arm, i'm going to 'guess' it's overfuelling. Back to the boredom of not having flames then!!
  6. Oh it was at first. I think when the wind started blowing the flame towards me that it became mildy unamusing!! If you know a way of keeping the flame but making it smaller, maybe a 6 inches, i would like that. Until then, i'm afraid it has to go. I might take it out for a spin again to get a video of it though. Something to remember before the car goes on sale...
  7. max.esp


    I had a vicky green supplied with my kit. I had the noose made about half way through installing it! Even though you can easily spot some wires from their ending and starting points, the biggest problem i found was very few (and i'm talking about 5) wires match the supplied diagram. In the end with some help from this forum and a good friend i got it done. My advice - look at other options. it'll be less painful! Hope this helps. Obviously i can only give my opinion. Graham
  8. Hi all, About a month ago i spoke to some of you regarding a new carb to replace my pierburg. I found a brand new 32/34 DMTL for a decent price and it is now fitted. Works very well but new a little help. I took it for a quick spin to test it and i had meter long flames out the exhaust. What supprised me was the flames began when i slowed down at a junction no longer than 5 minutes in and continued burning until i turned the engine off. Now as an automotive engineer i know that shouldn't happen but as i'm not a mechanic i can only point to it running rich from the carb's switch. I have
  9. max.esp


    Which model carb is it? Also, will the inlet manifold fit the 1.8 engine? Cheers
  10. Cheers Ian. I'll give them a look at tonight.
  11. I've seen a few weber carbs with xflow manifolds. From what i gather the engine is mounted with the manifolds opposite to the pintos. Would a xflow manifold still fit a pinto head? If not, would the carb fit a pinto manifold? Sorry for all the questions but as i lost a lot of money when i bought the kit (not going into it again..) i am racking up an £8000+ build cost bill. The car is on the road though with nearly all upgraded parts.
  12. max.esp


    Will also consider twin 40s. It doesn't necessarily have to have everything to fit it straight in, that would just be preferred. Many thanks
  13. It hasn't yet broken down but it does have a few issues. It idles ok when warm but i think it needs a good overhaul as i get popping out the exhaust when accelerating on times and occassionally at around the same time a pop out the carb itself. I believe this could be the timing and mixtures but if i'm going to take the carb to bits i might as well get the best possible. Also, the uptake isn't brilliant when accelerating in 1st or 5th. 3rd is nice though! And i've just noticed this weekend that one of the screw thread holes for mounting the carb is cracked and the seal around the carb migh
  14. max.esp


    Hi, I'm in the market for a weber 32/36 carb with inlet manifold and all connections. I currently have a 1.8 pinto with pierburg so am hoping to upgrade. Am located half hour from Nottingham. Cheers Graham
  15. Hi, I'm interested in converting my 1.8 pinto with pierburg carb to a weber (from what i've read probably the 32/36). The reason behind this is i'm not sure my current carb is very well!! It would probably need a good servicing. What tests can i do to make sure the carb is running ok? Before i definately decide to go ahead with it, i need to better understand everything i need to do with it. My questions are this: Exactly what model carb would you reccommend? Apart from the carb and inlet manifold, what else will i need? Info: The car was professional built but i have no idea
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