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  1. Been having difficulty with the garage and kept getting an error msg, tried again and now have two cars in the garage. Trying to fing out to delete, and came across this post. Can you please delete one of the two Mustang GT,s in my garage. Thanks
  2. Many thanks to all those that made us welcome, and a particular thanks to the RHoCAR committee team, including all those that helped, cooked, baked, and supported the event in any form. But as above a massive thanks to Phil who has really worked his socks off to make this event the success it deserves to be. Already looking forward to next year, so lets get them dates confirmed and booked. If help is needed, let me know, and as soon as the dates are confirmed, I can book the Friday off to help. Regards Andy
  3. Hi Phil, just found out that i am now not working the weekend of the meet so will be there. Can you put me on the list and i will send form and cheque in the post. Both days: Andy Davies Dan Davies +Camping Rgs Andy
  4. Gearbox now - SOLD Bonnet currently - SOLD Rgs Andy
  5. Jetskijase, I have sent you a text msg rgs Andy
  6. Dan, sent you pm with my contact number, give me a call to come and have a look.
  7. Having a clear out and note a few requests on the forum for parts. I have the following for sale. 1. Shortened Pinto sump & Suction pipe ( Comes with free 1.8 pinto engine less carb, was fully working when removed) don't want to separate from engine - £70 2. Type 9 gearbox with bell housing (no gear lever and release fork) - would need checking over as was stored outside, it was in working order when I got it. - £45 3. Pair of stainless bonnet panels, new & still in white protection. (these were purchased when GBS first took over Robin Hood. The pair are not 100% matched, but ideal for anyone modifying the bonnet. - £60 4. Sealey ES350 engine stand - New, never used - £35 Collection only due to sizes - Lutterworth in Leicestershire Pics to follow at the week end. PM me if any questions Regards Andy
  8. Bump, and priced reduced £4995
  9. As per title, fancy a little change so been and bought a Ford Mustang V8 so the hood has to go to pay for it , In an ideal world I would keep it for ever, but alas the lottery win has not arrived yet. So she has to go, and if I don't get on with the Mustang, can soon get another hood and fit the running gear. Robin Hood 2B Plus kit Car Taxed - 31/08/2014 MOT - April 15th 2015 Mileage - 3150 IVA tested in Dec 2009 and first reg March 2010 with log book correctly displaying Robin Hood Complete build log with copies of IVA paperwork 2ltr Pinto Engine (fully rebuilt) with Unleaded head conversion FR32 Kent Road Cam Adjustable Vernier Pulley Gaz Adjustable shocks DGAS Weber Carburetta Adjustable rev limiter Acewell Digi Dash 7859, with traditional Volts, Oil, Vacuum and RPM clocks Engine Start button Full weather gear Quick release steering wheel Disc brakes all round Also spare pinto 1.8 engine and type 9, 5 speed gearbox and lots of other parts included if near asking price. It's hard to value a car you have spent so much time on, so started at this point, but any sensible offer will be considered. £5,200 ONO http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/other-makes/all-models/robin-hood-2b-plus/2421678 PM for further details or follow phone number on above add. Rgs Andy
  10. Dropping caravan off around 4 pm tomorrow and then popping back for kit, should be back to field about 6ish Andy
  11. If these are still available i am interested,i have sent you a msg Rgs Andy
  12. andydav

    Engine Stand

    Hi I have a brand new still in the box Sealey ES350 engine stand, would like £30 for it. I dont know what postage costs would be though? Andy
  13. After this post i thought i would take another look tonight. It apears after the engine had cooled, a gap of 0.125 (5thou) inlet and 0.15 (6 thou) exhuast appeared. Was hoping for .25 & .30 (10 & 12), but not that lucky I put a dti gauge on number 1 lobe and had the same result as Shaft which contradicted my last post. On closer inpection i had previosly checked the point of max clearance on No 4 & No 5 valve, next to the center post. When incerting the feeler gauge in a very small movement in the center brg is present. The spring force of the adjacent valves under spring force are moving this center brg clearance giving a false indication that the highest clearnce at either 11 oclock or 1 o clock as you rotate the cam, but in fact the lobes are concentric for the full 150 degrees as per Shafts post. Well we learn every day!!!!! However i am sure this movement is not the the cause, as i used the DTI over the center pillar and could only record 0.03, when quite forcefully applying positive and negative load to the cam. Removed the rockers to double check wear and everything is perfect, the polish marks are exactly in the correct place according to my Des Hammill Ford Pinto book. So i guess it will go back together with the clearance given by Kent, and i will just have to get a more noisy exhaust (he,he )so i wont hear the tappet rattle. Unless of course someone can come up with any further suggestions! Thanks for all the input so far. Andy
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