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  1. vince

    Help Engine Mounts

    Yes thay are the same as the ones above I will Email you and thank you to everyone for helping. Vince
  2. vince

    Help Engine Mounts

    Hi Peter yes thay are oval like you discribed I looked on your thread but these ones have a bit coming out the base that locates in a hole.I will put a photo on when I work out how to reduce the image. Vince
  3. vince

    Help Engine Mounts

    Thanks but no thay are oval
  4. vince

    Help Engine Mounts

    I hope some one out there can help me I need two engine mounts for a crashed Robin hood I am re-building.I thought thay was off a sierra as it is a 2ltr single cam pinto but the ones on e bay are different. Did ford make different mounts age related ? It is the rubber part that I only need I do have photos if I send them to some one out there you might recognize them. Thanks Vince
  5. Cycle wings 10" wide on e-bay number 120116430319 they are £55 buy it now with free p&p this might be what you are looking for. Vince
  6. Have you tried a complete brake fluid change as it can deterate and have similar symptoms but the amount of work you have done it sounds as if you have put alot of new fluid through it. Vince
  7. vince

    Engine Mounts

    If any one got back to you I am after a pair of mounts as well just the rubber blocks Vince
  8. vince

    S 7

    Hi i am intrested in the monocoque tub can you send me your phone number so i can give you a call about it . Thanks Vince
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