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  1. paddy

    Going To Court

    Too right mate, go to court and hopefully get scum like this off the roads, what will it be next time a hit and run with a child???? Pat
  2. paddy

    Shortened Sump

    jon, robin hood will exchange yours for round the £100 mark, if you have a go at fabricating your own, i've seen the details on a link to this site,but don't remeber which one, if you need a sump let me know as I still have a spare in the shed, pat (07732516788)
  3. paddy

    Shortend Pinto Sump

    John, I'll try to post some pictures on Friday when i have some more time, Pat
  4. paddy

    Shortend Pinto Sump

    One shortend pinto sump for sale, sorry no pick up pipe, £50 plus £10 p&p, pat . I'v tried tp download some pictures but the laptop is not playing ball!! , so if you would like to see pictures of the sump feel free to text me on 07732516788, ta pat
  5. paddy

    Should I Re-join?

    As a member of north staffs, would say it's £15 well spent, with all the help and advice thats that i've had over the last two years, plus you meet some great people, all price of half a tank of petrol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!